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Top Hotel Amenities

March 29, 2023

Hotel amenities are a crucial aspect of any hotel's business model. Not only do they set the hotel apart from competitors, but they also enhance guest satisfaction. In some cases, hotel amenities may even serve as selling points or form part of their marketing strategy.

Most hotels provide guests with a range of amenities, such as toiletries, a refrigerator and TV in the room. In addition, some may provide internet access and other services like swimming pools or spas.

Some hotel guests expect these amenities to be included at no additional charge, while others opt to pay a premium price for them. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common and popular hotel amenities:

Free Wi-Fi: Nowadays' travelers expect to be able to stay online while on the go, so many hotels now provide wireless Internet access at no additional cost.

Premium Coffee: Upgrade your in-room experience by swapping out inexpensive packets of no-name coffee for freshly ground beans from a local roaster or even the luxurious Nespresso machine.

Gym or fitness center: Offering discounted rates or even free time at a nearby gym is an excellent way to impress guests while they're away.

Tall Rooms: If you don't have enough room in your regular bedroom, a hotel with extra-long beds can be especially beneficial. Miami's Epic Hotel resort has 13 'Tall Rooms', each boasting an 8-foot bed and raised shower heads.


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