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Pool Maintenance Cost Calculator

Pool Maintenance Cost Calculator

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Estimated Yearly Costs

Average Monthly Maintenance Costs

  • Pool maintenance costs: $80 to $150
  • Average maintenance costs per month: $122
  • Cost to open or close a pool: $300 to $500

Pool maintenance costs $122 per month or about $1,400 per year on average. For a one-time cleaning, expect to spend $250 or more depending on the size and type of pool you have.

Yearly Pool Upkeep Costs

  • The average yearly cost of pool maintenance: $960 to $1,800
  • Total yearly pool upkeep costs: $3,000 to $6,000

Prices depend on the pool size and type (fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl). Fiberglass pools have the lowest overall costs.

Monthly Pool Maintenance Cost

  • Basic care: $30 to $95
  • Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service: $80 to $150

Basic maintenance includes testing water chemistry, checking filters, settings, and equipment. Fiberglass pools need less maintenance compared to concrete pools.

Weekly Pool Service Cost

  • Average cost of weekly pool maintenance: $20 to $50
  • Cost to open and close the pool each year (included in more expensive weekly service contracts): $300 to $650

Weekly maintenance is recommended to monitor water pH levels and catch equipment issues quickly.

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Pool Closing Cost

  • Cost of closing a pool for the winter: $365 to $650
  • Additional costs for vacuuming, winter filter cleaning, and solid pool covers

Proper pool closing includes changing pH, lowering water levels, cleaning, and winterizing equipment to prevent damage.

Pool Opening Cost

  • Average cost to open a pool: $385 to $485
  • Additional costs for vacuuming, draining, and cleaning solid pool covers

Opening includes bringing water level back up, reinstalling equipment, and preparing the pool for use.

Pool Chemicals Cost

  • Chemicals cost per year:
    • Chlorine: $55 to $130
    • Bromine (alternative): $30 to $50
    • Algaecides: $360 to $405
    • Clarifiers: $30
    • Stain or Metal Removal/Prevention: $210 to $310
    • Pool Shock: $340
    • Oil Absorbing Sponge: $5 to $10

Pool Cleaning Service Prices

  • Pool cleaning services cost: $60 to $90 per hour
  • First-time pool cleaning: $120 to $270
  • Specific cleaning services or one-time cleaning: $200 to $400

Prices vary based on pool size and cleaning type. Regular cleaning helps maintain water quality.

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Cost

  • Monthly maintenance: $80 to $95 (professional) or $45 (DIY)
  • Costs include testing, adjusting chlorine levels, and cleaning salt cells

Saltwater pools focus on salt levels and preventing metal stains and corrosion.

Inground & Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

  • Maintenance cost: $60 to $90 per hour

Above-ground pools may cost more to maintain without a surrounding deck.

Indoor Swimming Pool Cost to Maintain

  • Indoor pool maintenance costs are lower due to controlled environment
  • Additional items:
    • Pool Cover: $4,800 to $6,000
    • Water Heater: $340
    • Dehumidifying System: $20,000

Indoor pools have lower maintenance costs due to controlled conditions.

Hiring Pool Guy vs. Professional Swimming Pool Cleaner

  • Pool guy cost: 1.7 times more than DIY
  • Consider experience and reviews when hiring

Experienced professionals can identify issues early, saving you money in the long run.

Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool

  • Average cost: $4,000 to $12,000 per year
  • Additional costs: insurance increase ($20 to $25 per month), property taxes (5% to 10% increase)

Monthly Electricity Cost

  • Average monthly electricity cost: $65 to $100
  • Equipment costs based on type:
    • 2-Speed Pump/Filter System: $30 to $50
    • 1-Speed Pump: $75 to $150
    • Heat Pumps: $50 to $250
    • Inground Hot Tub: $100 to $300

Water Bill Increase

  • Pool can increase water bill by $4 to $20 per month
  • Evaporation: ΒΌ inch loss per day
  • Typical loss: 1,858 gallons per month, 22,298 gallons per year

Pool water bills vary based on local water prices and climate conditions.

white umbrella by the swimming pool

Swimming Pool Maintenance Factors


  • Skim the water regularly to protect the pump and filter
  • Cost: $10 to $20 per month

Cleaning Filters

  • Clean filters every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Cost: $40 to $60 per month

Cleaning Pump Baskets

  • Clean pump baskets every 2 weeks
  • Cost: $10 to $15 per month


  • Vacuuming the pool every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Cost: $25 to $45 per month

Water Chemistry

  • Testing and adjusting pool water chemistry
  • Cost: $15 to $20 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to maintain a swimming pool?

The average cost of maintaining a swimming pool in Los Angeles, CA, is approximately $1,400 per year, including monthly maintenance, opening, and closing costs.

How often should I clean my pool?

Basic maintenance tasks such as skimming, cleaning filters, and checking water chemistry should be done regularly. Vacuuming and full cleaning should be done every 2 to 4 weeks.

What is the difference between an inground and above ground pool maintenance cost?

Inground pool maintenance typically costs more than above ground pools, especially if the inground pool lacks a surrounding deck.

Is it cheaper to maintain an indoor swimming pool?

Yes, indoor pools tend to have lower maintenance costs due to controlled environmental conditions.

Should I hire a pool professional or do it myself?

While hiring a professional may cost more upfront, they can identify issues early, potentially saving you money in the long run.

How can I reduce pool maintenance costs?

Regularly maintaining your pool, skimming, cleaning filters, and monitoring water chemistry can help reduce costs. Properly winterizing and opening the pool can also save money.

What is the average monthly electricity cost for a pool?

The average monthly electricity cost for a pool is between $65 to $100, depending on the pool's equipment.

Does having a pool affect property taxes and insurance?

Yes, having a pool can increase property taxes by 5% to 10% and raise insurance premiums by $20 to $25 per month.

Please note that these are average cost estimates, and actual costs may vary based on your specific pool, location, and maintenance preferences. It's essential to consult with local professionals for accurate quotes and recommendations.

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