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Purple Cabinets in Kitchen Design

April 11, 2023

Purple is an eye-catching color choice for kitchens, providing either a cool or warm atmosphere depending on how it's used. It works especially well with contemporary cabinetry styles.

A light shade of purple can make your kitchen appear airy and restful, while a deep one is moodier and more elegant. However, it must be balanced well with other hues in the room to avoid looking cold or depressing overall.

To add a subtle pop of purple to your kitchen design, try using accessories in complementary hues. Hanging pendant lights above the countertops or featuring coffee mugs in this hue are great ways to bring attention to the theme without going overboard.

Another stylish idea is to add a clear tall vase filled with fresh or artificial lavender flowers to the corner shelf or top of your cabinets. You could also include close-up pictures of grapes, blackberries or wine bottles for an elevated aesthetic that's both sophisticated and fashionable.

Purple's shades can be used with a variety of styles, from vintage to modern and farmhouse. Depending on your decor style, you may add purple as an accent - such as in the form of a rug, kitchen island or some stools - so that it doesn't overpower but still looks gorgeous.


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