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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into an Art Deco Sanctuary

February 14, 2023
Art Deco bedroom

Art Deco Bedroom


If you're searching to create a tranquil haven in your bedroom, the art deco style is sure to please. From sleek geometric pieces and luxurious materials, this aesthetic will inspire relaxation with style.


Art Deco bedroom


Here are some tips to help you bring this style into your home without needing much effort or investment:

1. Add Dramatic Headboard

Bring Art Deco style into your space with a dramatic headboard. These bed frames can be more than just somewhere to rest your head--they can become the focus of the room. Choose statement fabrics like velvet or animal print for maximum impact in the design of your headboard.

2. Add Bold Patterns and Colors to Your Interior Decor

A great way to bring Art Deco flair into your space is by using patterned wallpaper. Whether you choose a fan motif or something more abstract, using patterns on walls will instantly lift the space's aesthetic. It's an easy way to create a bedroom that exudes personality and flair!

3. Adopt an Art Deco Colour Palette

Art Deco rooms usually feature bold hues juxtaposed against light, warm tones. Incorporating these high-contrast color combinations into your decor will instantly give off an Art Deco vibe in your space.

4. Art Deco Wall Accessories and Lighting

To complete an Art Deco-inspired room, add some eye-catching wall decor pieces. From a gold mirror to an intricate piece of artwork, these items are the ideal way to bring this design aesthetic into your space.

5. Add an Area Rug

Art Deco bedrooms typically feature patterns and luxury, making a rug the ideal way to bring the style into your space. Plus, it's an effortless way to give your bed a focal point without needing extra installation work.

6. Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bedroom with a Tufted Headboard, Metallic Coffee Table and Artistic Wallpaper

If you're searching for a design that will bring your bedroom to life, try adding a tufted headboard, metallic coffee table, artsy wallpaper and crystal chandelier. All these elements will instantly enhance the aesthetic in your room and help create the vibe of a vintage style bedroom in no time.

7. Velvet Armchair is Perfect for an Art Deco Bedroom

An art deco bedroom doesn't need to be overly formal or sterile. A velvet armchair is the ideal addition to a room decorated in this style, especially if it features a rounded shape. This type of chair is ideal for reading or simply relaxing in the evenings.

8. Add Elegance and Comfort with a Chandelier

A classic crystal chandelier can bring an air of grandeur to any room, especially the Art Deco-style bedroom. Pairing your chandelier with other decorative accessories creates an effortlessly chic aesthetic in the bedroom.



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