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How to Replace a Shower Head

April 28, 2023

how to replace a shower head

Installing a new shower head can not only upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom, but it can also save money on water costs by using low-flow models.

Old shower heads may become clogged with sediment and calcium deposits that reduce water pressure and flow, costing time and effort for you and wasting both.

As part of the first step in replacing a shower head, it is necessary to first uninstall the current one. To do this, switch off your faucet and unbolt your old head by twisting it counterclockwise from its arm.

Once complete, lightly spray the base of your shower arm with some WD-40 lubricating spray to loosen its connection with the wall and make turning easier.

If the connection is hard to turn, use pliers and an adjustable wrench as an aid in turning. If that doesn't work, try unscrewing the shower head in a counterclockwise direction instead.

Verify whether the old shower head contains mineral deposits like rust and limescale that could make installation of a new head more complicated. Such buildups can be difficult to eliminate and may interfere with proper functionality of a new system.

With a scrub brush or rag, clean the threads on your new shower head in order to ensure a secure connection.

Thread seal tape (often known by its common names of Teflon tape or plumber's tape) acts as an effective seal; it will prevent leaks when you screw together hardware.


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