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How to Paint a Plastic Bathtub

February 1, 2023

bathtub being renovated

You can paint a plastic bathtub, but it is important to use the right paints. This will help prevent the tub from becoming faded or damaged in the future. Also, the new paint will be hygienic and easy to clean.

The first step to painting a plastic bathtub is to prepare the surface for paint. This includes cleaning and sanding the surface so that the paint has a better grip.

A good quality sanding block is useful for this task. You can also buy a sandpaper specifically designed for this task, though it is not necessary to use the grit recommended by the manufacturer. If the sandpaper is too coarse, it will not do a good job of roughening up the surface and might be prone to scratching the tub.

Once the surface is sanded, you can then apply your primer. A primer that is specially made for plastic surfaces will help the paint to adhere better to the tub. You can find this kind of primer at a hardware store or an online vendor.

After the primer has been applied, you can then apply two coats of paint on the plastic tub. This will give it a nice glossy finish and make it look brand-new again.

You should consider using a paint that is specifically made for plastic bathtubs to ensure that your tub remains rust-free and beautiful. This paint will dry quickly and provide you with long-lasting results.

Next, you need to mask the areas around your tub that you don't want painted. This will include the drains and the edges of your tub that attach to your walls or floors. You can mask these areas with painter's tape. This will protect you from any spills or drips that could ruin your paint.

Now that you have covered all the areas that you don't want painted, it's time to start spraying the tub with your chosen paint. You can use a compressor and a sprayer to make this easier, but you can also use a brush. Be sure to spray the entire surface, rather than just a small area, so that you don't end up with blotches or streaks on your painted tub.

If you find that the paint has bled into the surrounding areas, you can use paint thinner to get rid of it. This will help to make the whole project faster and less stressful.

You can also hire a professional to paint your tub for you, but this will be expensive and require more effort than just doing it yourself. If you have the funds, however, it is well worth it to have a beautiful, brand-new bathtub in your home.

The steps in painting a plastic bathtub are not an exact science, but if you follow the steps carefully, you should be able to get beautiful, long-lasting results. In addition, you should always test your paints on a small section before applying them to the entire surface of your bathtub.


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