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Coastal Bathroom Design Ideas: Nautical Theme for a Soothing Retreat

March 30, 2023
Coastal Bathroom Design

Coastal Bathroom Design

If you love spending time at the beach, why not bring some of that serene coastal vibe into your bathroom? Here are some nautical-themed design ideas to give your bathroom a relaxing and refreshing feel.

1. Coastal Color Palette

The first step to creating a coastal-themed bathroom is to choose the right color palette. Think of colors that remind you of the ocean, such as shades of blue, green, and white. You can also add some pops of bright and bold colors, like coral or turquoise.

2. Textured Walls and Floors

To make your bathroom feel more like a beachside retreat, add some texture to your walls and floors. Consider using natural materials like beadboard or shiplap for a seaside cottage feel. Stone or pebble tiles can create a more rustic, coastal look.

3. Seashell Accents

Decorate your bathroom with seashell accents for a fun and playful feel. Place some shells in a glass jar or vase, or create a seashell wreath to hang on the wall. You can also add seashell-shaped soap or lotion dispensers to complete the look.

4. Rope and Wood Accents

Incorporate natural elements such as rope and wood into your bathroom design for a rustic coastal feel. Try adding a wooden mirror frame or a rope towel holder. You can also use a rope or wooden ladder as a towel rack.

5. Nautical Lighting

Choose lighting fixtures that complement your nautical theme, like a pendant light made of rope or a fixture shaped like a ship’s wheel. Sconces or lantern-style lights can also add a cozy, seaside feel.

6. Blue and White Stripes

Nothing says nautical quite like classic blue and white stripes. Incorporate this timeless pattern into your bathroom design, whether it be in the form of a shower curtain, bath mat, or towels. This will give your bathroom a classic and refreshing coastal look.

7. Ocean-Inspired Artwork

Enhance your coastal theme by adding ocean-inspired artwork to your bathroom walls. Look for photographic prints of waves, seashells or marine life, or paintings depicting beach landscapes, seascapes or harbor views.

8. Beachy Accessories

Finish off your seaside bathroom design with some beachy accessories, like a wooden tray to hold your toiletries, a display of decorative driftwood, or a box of beach-themed postcards. With these final touches, you'll have a bathroom that is truly calming, comforting, and beautiful.


If you’re looking for a way to bring some of the relaxation of the beach into your home, a nautical-themed bathroom is perfect. Incorporating coastal hues, textured walls, seashell accents, and natural materials like rope and wood, will help you create a beautiful and soothing space. Consider adding ocean-inspired artwork and beachy accessories to complete your coastal retreat. With these ideas and more, your bathroom can become a serene oasis that allows you to escape from daily stressors and bask in the tranquility of the coast.


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