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Carpet Sizes With A King Size Bed

May 9, 2023


When it comes to designing and decorating our bedrooms, one of the first things we consider is the bedding. A king size bed is a popular choice for many reasons, including its size and comfort level. However, selecting the right carpet size for a bedroom with a king size bed can be a bit of a challenge. In this article, we will discuss the different carpet sizes available and the ideal options for a king size bed.

Carpet Sizes for a King Size Bed

Determining the best carpet size for a bedroom with a king size bed requires careful consideration. Not only should the carpet fit the space, but it should also complement the overall look and feel of the room. Here are some of the most common carpet sizes for bedrooms that have a king size bed.

5 x 8 feet carpet size

A 5 x 8 feet carpet is an ideal choice for a smaller bedroom with a king size bed. This size provides enough coverage around the bed, offering a comfortable and cozy feel. While it may not cover the entire floor space of the room, it will create a defined space for the bed and other furniture. This size is excellent for those on a budget, as it tends to be a more affordable option.

6 x 9 feet carpet size

A 6 x 9 feet carpet size is a popular choice among homeowners. This size accommodates a king size bed and offers more coverage for the surrounding furniture. It provides enough space for bedside tables and allows for easier movement around the bed. While it may cost a bit more than a 5 x 8-foot carpet, it offers a better bang for the buck.

8 x 10 feet carpet size

If you have a larger bedroom with a king size bed, an 8 x 10 feet carpet size is a great option. Not only will it cover the floor space around the bed, but it also allows you to place other pieces of furniture around the room. You can opt for a larger dresser or nightstand with an 8 x 10-foot carpet. This size can create a feeling of luxury and elegance in your bedroom.

9 x 12 feet carpet size

For those who have a spacious bedroom and want to make it feel cozier, a 9 x 12 feet carpet size is a perfect choice. This size can accommodate a king size bed, a seating area, and dressers or nightstands. It will cover the entire floor space of the room and provide a soft and warm feeling underfoot. Due to its larger size, it tends to be more expensive.

Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet Size

When choosing the right carpet size, there are several factors you need to consider. Here are some tips to help you decide which option is best for your bedroom with a king size bed.

Consider the Room Size

Before selecting a carpet size, measure the size of your bedroom. You don't want to choose a size that is too small or too large in proportion to the room. Make sure the carpet is proportional to the size of the room, and it accentuates the space by creating a comfortable and inviting feel.

Think about Your Furniture Layout

Consider the placement of your bed and other furniture in your room. You may want to have bedside tables, chairs, and dressers. Ensure that the carpet size allows you to place furniture pieces in a way that complements and balances the look of the room.

Pick the Right Carpet Material

Another crucial factor to consider is the carpet's material. Carpets come in various materials, such as wool, polyester, nylon, and olefin. Each material has its unique qualities, such as durability, softness, and ease of maintenance. Ensure that the carpet material you choose is comfortable and suitable for your needs.

Consider Your Budget

The carpet size you select will depend on your budget. Larger sizes tend to be more expensive than the smaller ones. Therefore, decide on a carpet size that is within your budget but still offers great value.


Selecting the right carpet size for your bedroom with a king size bed is crucial in creating an inviting and comfortable space. Consider the size of your bedroom, the furniture layout, carpet material, and budget while making your decision. With these factors in mind, you can choose the perfect-size carpet to complement your bedroom's look while offering soft and cozy underfoot.


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