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Best Tablet For Construction

January 21, 2024

best tablet for construction

Many field service workers spend much of their time working on construction sites, so having an effective work tablet is crucial in keeping tasks organized and business running smoothly. An ideal tablet for construction will feature a sturdy design with resistance against harsh environments; long battery life; as well as being capable of running all necessary apps and programs necessary for working in the field. You should also look for tablets with Ingress Protection ratings capable of withstanding dust, water and other challenges on site as well as having cellular capabilities so they can connect back to office as well as devices in the field.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is an excellent rugged tablet option for construction use, boasting durable waterproof construction with fingerprint scanning for security, 10.1 inch display with SPen support and AR features, expandable storage capabilities and great value. Perfect for those on a tight budget.

For those with more stringent specifications, taking a closer look at the Getac UX10 may be worthwhile. This powerful tablet for construction offers fast processing speeds, ample RAM space and plenty of storage capacity - everything necessary to run industry software efficiently and smoothly.

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