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DIY Reception Desk

January 21, 2024

diy reception desk

Reception desks are one of the cornerstones of any successful business, serving as the first point of contact between clients and guests, representatives, and documents being reviewed and signed. Therefore, this piece of furniture needs to reflect both its surroundings and your style as an office - its size and design having the power to completely transform or subdue an otherwise boring lobby space.

An attractive reception desk can set your business apart from others. Not only can it make an office standout from others' offices but it can even become the focal point. These desks come in various forms from complex designs that intrigue visitors to simple yet sophisticated ones that anyone can find easily online.

There are various factors that influence the cost of a receptionist desk, with materials used being one of the main drivers. Wood is an increasingly popular choice as it adds warmth and sophistication, while darker woods like cherry, mahogany and walnut offer more traditional appearance.

Solid wood, laminate and linoleum are popular materials used for receptionist desks; these durable materials last long while offering multiple colors to match the decor of your office. Metal may also provide a contemporary solution that may work better in industries like technology or design.

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