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How to Clean a Mousepad and Desk Mat

January 18, 2024

how to clean desk mat

Many gamers are eager to know how they can properly clean their mousepads and desk mats to eliminate dirt, dust and stains that accumulate over time. Doing this regularly will extend their lifespan while creating a healthy gaming environment; additionally it promotes general cleanliness.

Before beginning to clean a desk mat or mousepad, it's essential to identify what kind it is first. This will determine the most effective cleaning solutions and methods. Most desk mats are constructed out of plastic, rubber, cloth or leather - plastic can usually be cleaned using water with mild detergents while cloth and leather require different solutions for maintenance.

Step one in cleaning a mouse pad involves unplugging the computer and making sure it is completely dry, followed by taking measures to keep other accessories such as keyboards, mice and palm rests from the desk as spills or stains could transfer directly onto it. For deeper cleaning use a damp microfiber cloth or towel soaked with soapy water to scrub problem areas or stains; rinse it off afterward using warm water on its non-soapy side to finish up this task.

Once the desk mat has been thoroughly washed and dried off, allow it to air-dry for at least 24 hours in an area away from direct sunlight in order to accelerate drying time and prevent discoloration of graphics or non-slip backing. Hang it from an appropriate hook or hanger in order to hasten this process and avoid discoloration of graphics or non-slip backing.

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