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15 Outdoor Living Spaces That Will Make You Want to Spend More Time Outside

May 14, 2023

The great outdoors, a space that offers a chance to connect with nature, spend time with loved ones, and enjoying the finer things in life. A comfortable and functional outdoor living space can enhance the appeal of your home and create your own personal oasis. Just imagine spending a lazy afternoon by the pool, enjoying a BBQ with friends, or simply lounging on a hammock. Here are 15 outdoor living spaces that are sure to make you want to spend more time outside.

1. Poolside paradise

There is something inherently relaxing about spending time by the pool. A backyard pool can be a refreshing escape in the sweltering heat of summer. Imagine a pool with plenty of seating around it, a cabana, and lush greenery- it's sure to transport you to a tropical paradise.

2. Fire pit fun

From roasting marshmallows to telling ghost stories and enjoying a glass of wine, fire pits offer endless entertainment options. Gather around a cozy fire pit with well-designed seating options, and enjoy the warmth of the fire on chilly evenings.

3. Cozy lounge

An outdoor lounge area can bring the comfort of an indoor living room to your backyard. Comfortable seating options, soft cushions, and throws along with mood lighting can create a welcoming ambiance that encourages you to spend more time outside.

4. Outdoor kitchen

Cooking in the great outdoors can be a fun and social experience. An outdoor kitchen built around a grill or built-in BBQ, and includes a countertop/bar, refrigerator, and sink can be an ideal addition to your backyard.

5. Rooftop retreat

A rooftop living space takes outdoor living to new heights and can provide breathtaking views. Turn your rooftop space into a blissful escape where you can enjoy sunset cocktails, star gazing and panoramic views.

6. Hammock heaven

A backyard hammock is a classic touch of outdoor relaxation. Set up your hammock in a peaceful corner of your yard, with a book in hand or simply enjoy the tranquility.

7. Nature nook

Create a secluded natural nook in your backyard where you can surround yourself with natural beauty. A space like this can be designed with elements such as a fishpond, natural shade, water elements, and lush greenery.

8. Serene Zen garden

A Zen garden offers the perfect compromise for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The simple and minimalist design coupled with plants, stones and water features can create a serene atmosphere perfect for meditation and relaxation.

9. Inspiring outdoor office

Transform your backyard into an inspiring outdoor office where you can soak up the sun and enjoy fresh air while working. The space can be equipped with a desk, comfortable seating and Wi-Fi.

10. Family backyard playground

A family backyard playground is an active outdoor space perfect for kids to play and let off some steam. The playground can feature elements like a trampoline, swing set, and playhouse to keep kids entertained for hours.

11. Secret garden

Create a secret garden where you can escape to for some alone time. A secret garden can include benches, a fountain, and beautiful blooming flowers and is perfect for enjoying a peaceful afternoon alone.

12. Perfect pergola

A pergola is a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space, creating a shaded outdoor living space. A pergola can be custom-designed to suit your particular needs, from a simple structure to a more elaborate design inspired by Mediterranean architecture.

13. Alfresco dining area

An alfresco dining area can be an outdoor extension of your home's dining room. Set up an inviting dining space complete with a table, chairs, and mood lighting. This space is ideal for dinners with family and friends.

14. Yoga retreat

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you can create a personalized yoga retreat in your backyard. A yoga garden can include a yoga mat, mood lighting, and elements like a water fountain and plants to create a calming environment.

15. Outdoor cinema

An outdoor cinema is a fun addition to any backyard living space. With a projector, an inflatable movie screen, and comfortable seating, you have all you need to spend an evening watching your favorite movie under the stars.


These 15 outdoor living spaces demonstrate the various ways in which you can create a functional yet enjoyable outdoor living space that will make you want to spend more time outside. From the relaxation provided by a cozy lounge, a poolside paradise to the fun activities of a family backyard playground, the possibilities are endless. Create an outdoor living area that reflects your style, personality and allows you to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.


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