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Top 10 Contemporary Architects to Watch

May 14, 2023


The world of architecture is constantly evolving, with new and innovative designs being created every day. It can be exciting and overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends and advancements in the field, but it is important to stay informed and aware of the top architects creating a stir in the industry. In this article, we will be highlighting the top 10 contemporary architects to watch. These architects are pushing the boundaries of what we know to be possible in the field of architecture, with unique and groundbreaking designs that are sure to inspire.

1. Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect who heads the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). His designs are known for being bold, innovative, and sustainable. He has worked on numerous projects around the world, including the recently completed Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen. The plant is not only functional but also visually stunning, with a sloping rooftop that doubles as a ski slope.

2. Jeanne Gang

Jeanne Gang is an American architect who runs the Studio Gang architectural firm. Her designs are focused on creating buildings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also socially responsible. She has worked on several high-profile projects, including the Aqua Tower in Chicago, which features an undulating and unique facade.

3. Sou Fujimoto

Sou Fujimoto is a Japanese architect known for his experimental designs that blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. His work often features transparent structures, allowing the natural environment to seamlessly merge with the built environment. He is best known for his design of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, which was constructed entirely of interconnected aluminum tubes.

4. Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas is a Dutch architect and founder of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). His designs are characterized by their innovative use of materials and dynamic forms. He has worked on many notable projects, including the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing and the Seattle Central Library.

5. Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was a British-Iraqi architect known for her avant-garde designs that challenged traditional notions of architecture. Her work often featured fluid, organic forms and the use of cutting-edge technology. She passed away in 2016, but her legacy continues through her firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, which is responsible for many landmark buildings, including the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan.

6. Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick Studio, led by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, is a design and architecture firm known for its innovative and experimental approach. They have worked on numerous high-profile projects, including the Vessel at Hudson Yards in New York City and the Olympic Cauldron for the 2012 London Olympics. Their designs often feature intricate and novel forms that push the limits of what is possible.


BIG-GAME is a Swiss design studio that works across a range of fields, including architecture, product design, and interior design. They are known for their innovative approach to design, often incorporating unexpected materials and elements into their projects. They have worked on numerous notable projects, including the renovation of the Swiss village of La Rasse and the design of the furniture collection for the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

8. Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano is an Italian architect known for his elegant and sustainable designs. He has worked on many notable projects, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Shard in London. His work often features a lightness and flexibility that allows it to blend seamlessly into its environment.

9. Buro Ole Scheeren

Buro Ole Scheeren is a German architecture firm led by Ole Scheeren. Their designs often feature bold and striking forms that challenge conventional notions of architecture. They have worked on many notable projects, including The Interlace in Singapore, which features a series of interconnected buildings that create a unique, vertical village.

10. Souillac Hospital

Souillac Hospital is a project undertaken by French architecture firm, Atelier d'Architecture King Kong (AAKK). The building was designed in response to the unique needs of the community it serves, with features such as a green roof and a central garden that provides a calming and healing space for patients. The design exemplifies the growing trend in architecture towards buildings that are not only functional but also mindful of the needs of their users.


The world of architecture is constantly evolving, with new and innovative designs being created every day. The architects mentioned in this article are just a few of the many talented and inspiring individuals pushing the boundaries of what we know to be possible in the field of architecture. Each one brings a unique perspective and approach to their work, resulting in designs that are not only functional but also beautiful and socially responsible. As we look to the future of architecture, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking and inspiring designs from these architects and others like them.


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