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Top 10 Most Interesting Engineering Podcasts to Listen To

April 14, 2023


Engineering is a constantly evolving field that demands staying updated with the latest advancements, take inspiration from the industry leaders, and delve deeper into the subject. Podcasts have emerged as a great medium for engineers to learn, explore and stay connected with the community through listening. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most interesting engineering podcasts to listen to.

1. The Engineering Commons

Hosted by various civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers from diverse backgrounds, The Engineering Commons is an informative podcast that sheds light on the life and work of engineers. The podcast features various guests from the industry, discussing topics from “The Characteristics of Great Engineering Managers” to “Building a Successful Engineering Career” amongst others.

2. The Civil Engineering Podcast

Hosted by Anthony Fasano and Jeff Hagen, The Civil Engineering Podcast is the go-to source for civil engineers. The podcast focuses on all aspects of civil engineering, including educational interviews with industry leaders, career advice, and technical topics related to the field.

3. The Construction Engineering Show

The Construction Engineering Show is hosted by Scott Newland and features interviews with various experts in the construction industry, covering topics including project management, sustainability, and technology, amongst others. The show provides valuable insights into this challenging industry, making it an informative and interesting listen for construction engineers.

4. The Engineering Career Coach

The Engineering Career Coach by co-founders Anthony Fasano and Chris Knutson provides users with career development training, career coaching, and career resources for engineers at any stage of their career. The podcast covers various aspects of engineering careers such as leadership, communication, networking, and management. Their mission is to empower engineers to achieve their career goals and aspirations.

5. The Engineering Influence

Hosted by ACEC e-leaders and guests, The Engineering Influence dives into advocacy in the engineering industry, with a focus on legislation, policy issues, and regulations impacting the industry. Their informative discussions provide listeners with valuable insight into how the industry operates and the current trends developing as the industry continues to evolve on a global scale.

6. The Women in STEM Podcast

The Women in STEM podcast provides a platform for women in the engineering and technology fields to discuss their experiences and insights about the industry. Hosted by Rachel Downie, the podcast aims to inspire young women to pursue STEM fields and to highlight the contributions of women in these male-dominated fields.

7. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is an independently produced podcast by Roman Mars that explores the power of design and architecture in everyday life. Mars is known to uncover the history and significance of everyday things in our environment that often go unnoticed. 99% Invisible features thought-provoking conversations with experts in architecture, design and construction, making it an interesting listen for engineers looking to broaden their horizons.

8. Structural Engineering Channel

The Structural Engineering Channel is hosted by Max Zarate and Zachary “The Steel” Bowden, and covers all aspects of structural engineering. The podcast provides valuable insights into the industry, with a focus on personal and professional development, technical topics, and best practices for the industry, making it an informative listen for all structural engineers.

9. The Amp Hour

Hosted by Chris Gammell and David Jones, The Amp Hour is a podcast on electronics design and engineering. The podcast is more casual in nature and is hosted like a talk show. Gammell and Jones discuss their experiences in the industry, interview various guests from the field, and share their insights and opinions on current trends and challenges faced in the industry.

10. The Engineering News-Record (ENR) podcast

The Engineering News-Record (ENR) podcast is hosted by senior editor Luke Abaffy, and features discussions with industry leaders on the trends, innovations, and challenges facing the construction industry. The podcast provides valuable industry insights into the latest trends and shares new ideas in the industry.


1. What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio program that can be downloaded or streamed over the internet. It is much like a radio show, but can be listened to whenever you want.

2. Do I need to pay to listen to podcasts?

Most podcasts are free. However, some shows may require a subscription or fees to access exclusive content, ad-free listening, or additional bonus material.

3. How do I subscribe to a podcast?

You can subscribe to podcasts using various podcasters like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher, amongst others. Once subscribed to a podcast, new episodes will be automatically downloaded to your device.

4. Can I listen to podcasts offline?

Yes, you can download and save podcast episodes to your device and listen to them offline without an internet connection.

5. Are there podcasts specific to engineering fields?

Yes, there are many podcasts specific to engineering fields, such as civil, mechanical, structural or electrical engineering, that aim to provide information, insight and industry trends covering specific topics and discussions.

6. What can I gain from listening to podcasts as an engineer?

Podcasts can provide valuable insights into the industry, latest trends, and best practices. They allow you to stay updated on issues, news, and events in the industry, and also provide you with inspiration and knowledge from industry leaders and peers. As an engineer, these podcasts can inspire, educate and broaden your horizons in various fields.


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