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Stainless Steel Trash Can

February 15, 2024

stainless steel trash can

A stainless steel trash can looks more like an elegant designer appliance than something to store greasy kitchen waste in, making it more hygienic than plastic or aluminum cans which may harbor bacteria that produces foul odors. "As long as it remains clean," according to interior designer Allison Solomon, it won't hold onto any smell and is easy to wipe down when necessary.

The top stainless steel trash cans offer sleek designs, sturdy construction and unique styling options to make them both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Made of corrosion-proof stainless steel material, they require little or no maintenance when placed indoors for use.

Stainless steel trash cans offer innovative lid mechanisms that enhance functionality and minimize germ transfer. Touchless lids open automatically using infrared motion sensors, while hinged models which swing or push open eliminate the need for handles altogether. Our selection features classic rectangular designs ideal for lobby areas, offices and reception areas - this collection also offers several sizes and styles suitable for various spaces such as lobbies.

Flip-top stainless steel trash cans offer the ease of placing in-use garbage bags inside and removing full ones when they become full, with its convenient angled top making it simple to access the full ones when they become empty. Plus, its angled top helps prevent food scraps from spilling over its sides which could create sticky residue or unpleasant odor. Regularly wipe down your stainless steel trash can with damp soapy washcloth ensuring maximum shine and durability; use it against the grain direction for optimal shine; after cleaning use clean lint free cloth to avoid streaking or brownish spots caused by streaking or brownish spots left by streaking or brownish stains left by streaking or brownish stains left by streaking or brownish stains left by streaking or brownish stains!


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