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Setting the Proper Kitchen Sink Drain Height

March 7, 2024

Installing or renovating a sink requires measuring and setting the correct drain height to ensure efficient water flow and effortless hookup of appliances such as garbage disposals. By measuring and setting rough-in plumbing correctly early on, future headaches and costly repairs can be prevented.

Standard sink drain height is 15 inches off of the floor; however, there is no universal standard for kitchen sink drain height and its measurements depend on your choice of sink. A farmhouse or apron-front sink sits higher due to their deeper basins and requires a higher 20-inch rough-in height than other types. When installing an accessible handicapped sink it must adhere to ADA regulations with its required 17-19 rough-in height.

Another key consideration in kitchen sink drain height is the length of its tailpiece pipe. A standard 1 1/2-inch pipe fits most sinks, though larger diameter ones may be necessary to accommodate high water pressure or heavy volume. Tailpiece pipes should reach down to the floor but should not obstruct access to drain or P-trap systems.

Connecting your kitchen sink drain pipe to your main drainage line requires using a reducing bushing, which connects 1 1/2 inch diameter pipe with 2 inch diameter pipe and can be purchased from local hardware stores. Make sure the bushing is securely fastened to avoid leakage by using plumber's tape to secure its joints and ensure everything fits together securely.


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