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The Luxury Lady of Little Rock

March 7, 2024

Luxury is Denver DIY queen Wendy Woo and her trio's seventh album. Recorded with bassist Mitch DeZwarte and drummer Chris Maestas who lend some edge and toughness to Woo's typically relaxing and pop-oriented songs, Luxury showcases a new sound in which Woo is collaborated with.

"Lost in the Light," Woo's first single from this album, features an ominous yet catchy guitar riff with an unforgettable chorus to hint at more dark themes in his songwriting.

At the close of 1995, Luxury was quickly building in both popularity and fortune. Unfortunately, on their way home from a festival their tour van was involved in an almost fatal traffic collision; all band members managed to survive but all suffered severe injuries that would end their national touring plans.

At 13 years old, Little Rock native Katie Evans knew that one day she wanted to open her own salon. That dream became reality in 2019 with the opening of Salon J'adore, making a significant mark in Little Rock's beauty boutique scene.


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