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Red Interior Design Ideas

February 19, 2023

Red is a classic color often used in interior design. Being both bold and captivating, it brings a strong presence to any room. Red can be used as an accent or become the focal point of the room either way it will never go unnoticed. Whether used subtly through artwork or statement furniture pieces, red can be used to transform an entire space, bringing life and energy to otherwise stale and boring interior spaces. Additionally, red is associated with the warmth which makes it the perfect choice for cozy living areas like living rooms and bedrooms. All in all, using red in interior design can give homes character, pizzazz, and atmosphere.

Red is associated with vigor, life, and fire. It can be used in a variety of ways to create aesthetic design ideas.

1. Use red as a backdrop for the space, then add white and black accents to balance it out.

This is an easy way to achieve a modern look with bold red, without it being too overpowering.

2. Adding a few pops of red to the design can make it feel lively and vibrant, especially in a bedroom.

It can also be a fun choice for a kitchen or a hallway.

3. Add a pop of red to your home office with a red rug.

This is a great way to personalize your floor space and express your unique style.

4. Red and Black are a classic combination that works in many design spaces.

This color scheme is aesthetically powerful, with red's association with and representation of life and vigor, and black's grounding force.

5. Using Red as an Aesthetic Decor Staple

If you have a blank wall in your design, try using a red tapestry kit. These kits come with stunning red imagery and designs that can be easily customized on any wall in your space.

6. Muted Red With Soft Neutrals

Bright primary red can be aggressive, so this palette mutes it and pairs it with softer neutrals for a dynamic effect that isn't too jarring. This can be a great choice for design projects that need some sophistication and depth, such as logo design or product design.

7. Rich Jewel-like Tones of Red and Gold

If you want to create a sophisticated color palette, consider pairing rich jewel-like tones of red and gold with a light, smoky neutral shade. This palette can be used to create a sophisticated design that communicates calm sophistication and luxury.

Combining colors successfully in interior design is an art form of its own. Red, a bold and exciting choice, offers designers and homeowners the opportunity to create a bold primary or accent color. When paired with other colors, red can stand out in many unexpected and beautiful ways. Here are 30 colors that go with red interior design to give you some great ideas for your home.

Best Colors That Work with Red

Cream: Cream is a natural friend to red and creates a warm and inviting look. A combination of both colors can be used to balance the brightness of red with a soft and calming tone. Red and cream can be used for any type of room, from kitchens to living rooms.

Grey: For a sophisticated and modern look, pair grey with red. A touch of red can liven up a grey space and bring a warm and energetic feel. For a more subtle approach, you could use different shades of grey with a red accent piece.

Yellow: Red and yellow are a classic color combination that creates an upbeat and cheerful atmosphere. Use the colors in moderation and focus on the yellow to make sure the look isn't too overwhelming.

Blue: For an unexpected twist, pair red with blue. This combination won’t fail to make an impact and can add a fresh and vibrant feel to your home.

Pink: Red and pink may be a traditional color combination. But you don't have to go overboard with this pairing. Make sure to use accents of pink to avoid creating a look that’s too overwhelming and festive.

Purple: Red and purple come together to form a beautiful and mystical color palette. Use light shades of both colors to achieve a luxurious feel for bedrooms and living rooms.

Orange: Red and orange are great colors to use to energize and liven up any room. Use brighter accents of orange with deep reds for a unique and impactful look.

Brown: Brown can be a tricky one to work with, but a red accent makes the colors look more modern and sophisticated. Choose lighter shades of brown mixed in with vibrant red hues for a balanced look.

Green: Green and red are two colors that come together to create a vibrant and energetic palette. The combination can be used to add a creative and inviting atmosphere to any room.


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