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Modern Barn House Design

January 10, 2023

The modern barn house is an innovative architectural concept that is an excellent combination of tradition and contemporary design. It offers residents the benefits of ultranova architecture and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


A Closer Look at Modern Barn House Design

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home, consider modern barn house design. This style draws inspiration from classic farmhouse architecture, but with a modern twist. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners who want something off the beaten path that still feels traditional and timeless. Let's take a closer look at what this style has to offer.


Combining Rustic With Modern Elements

Modern barn house design is all about blending rustic elements with contemporary touches. Think exposed beams and wood paneling paired with sleek furnishings, or vintage fixtures alongside modern lighting. The goal is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that still feels fresh and current. To make sure your space looks balanced, make sure you incorporate elements of both styles throughout the entire room.

Using Color & Pattern to Create Interest

One great thing about modern barn house design is that it allows plenty of room for experimentation when it comes to color and pattern. You can mix different shades of wood tones together, like dark walnut stained furniture paired with light oak floors or white-washed walls. Or add some interest with patterned rugs or wallpaper in subtle stripes or geometric shapes. Don't be afraid to experiment—it's all part of the fun!


Leveraging Natural Textures & Materials

Another key element in creating a modern barn house look is leveraging natural textures and materials throughout your space. Think natural wood furniture, woven baskets, jute rugs, linen curtains - anything that adds warmth and texture while keeping things feeling light and airy. You can even bring the outdoors inside by adding indoor plants or repurposed items like old wooden crates or vintage barrels as accent pieces throughout your home.


red modern barn house


Modern barn house design takes advantage of natural sunlight and high ceilings to maximize views, create spacious interiors and make room for unique architectural features. This modern house plan is ideal for people who love entertaining guests, but also want to enjoy the serenity of rural life.

The first house was built on a hilltop outside of Canberra, Australia. After the owner's family relocated to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, a second house was designed for them. In addition to the main house, the client also hired Trobe Design Studio to build a barn house in black.

A modern barn house was created by renovating a 19th century barn. Its exterior was enhanced with modern features, including a two-sided fireplace and an open floor plan. While the exterior of the house is dark, the interior is filled with light, thanks to large glass windows that allow for a lot of natural light.

The house's floor plan features a large kitchen island that opens up to the dining area. Another feature is a loft-office that is over the kitchen island. There are four bedrooms with pared-back designs. Among the amenities, the master suite has a spa-like shower and a walk-in closet.

The living room is made bright with skylights and the walls are clad with translucent panels. The home is also fitted with a hot and cold shower. There is a second light source in the form of exposed beams. These create a second dimension in the house.

A barn house in Vermont is an attractive option for homeowners who wish to combine a comfortable urban lifestyle with a quiet, rural one. This home is located near charming towns and gorgeous views.

Barn houses are known for their rustic look, but they can be decorated with a variety of objects. They can be painted in different colors, have hanging plants, or be adorned with various decor items.

When designing a barn house, it is important to consider the site's location and time of year. Building in the winter is a bit longer, and it can take a few weeks to six months to finish. Likewise, if building in a remote location, the process may take even more time. Similarly, the size of the barn house is important.

Many modern barn houses were designed by talented architects. Some use the traditional silhouette of a barn to reflect the past, while others draw inspiration from the vernacular architecture of the Italian countryside. But either way, the houses are designed to blend into the landscape and create a beautiful, harmonious place for living.

In the middle of an idyllic Alpine landscape, this house combines a simple, clean design with traditional materials and features. The exterior was updated with a new facade that smooths out geometric shapes.


Modern barn house design offers homeowners an opportunity to create something truly unique that still feels timelessly classic. By combining rustic elements like exposed beams and wood paneling with contemporary touches like sleek furnishings and modern lighting, you can create an inviting atmosphere without sacrificing any sense of style or sophistication. Not only that, but you also get the added bonus of experimenting with color & pattern as well as leveraging natural textures & materials throughout your home - making modern barn house design one of the most versatile styles around!


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