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Midcentury Modern Cabins

December 22, 2022

A midcentury modern cabin is a type of architecture that is designed for the outdoors. Many are built for a variety of reasons. They provide an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life, but are also an affordable option for those who want to enjoy the natural surroundings. Some features to look for include high ceilings, a wide deck, and plenty of windows to see the view. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, a modern cabin is the perfect solution.

In the 1960s and 1970s, designers such as Andrew Geller, Johnston Architects, and Rudolph Schindler began building cabins for the American public. The houses were usually crafted of wood and steel and featured a minimal, open design. These designs are now collector's items.



Today, midcentury enthusiasts still seek out homes that exemplify the style's emphasis on open space, but they are not afraid to mix it with contemporary minimalist decor. Here are some examples of how to combine the two.

This log home was redesigned by Carla and Niall Maher in 2012. They bought the house in 2012 and restored it to its former glory. Their renovation used a color palette that was in keeping with the surrounding environment. It also included modern upgrades.

The Garrison Foundry cottage overlooks the Hudson River. Previously, the cottage had been neglected for years. But it's been lovingly restored. During the restoration process, Carla and Niall found the original plans for the house. After a lot of hard work, they completed the project.

Built in 1968, the MiniMod cabin is a 664 square foot studio with an office and two bedrooms. Its soaring ceilings make it seem larger than it really is. Designed for a cozy getaway, the cabin boasts a large window and sliding glass doors that make it easy to enjoy the scenery. If you want to enjoy the view, you can choose between a deck or a porch.

Another midcentury style home is this treehouse in Portland, Oregon. With a loft, a private deck, and lots of wood, it's a great getaway. There's even a fire pit and a hot tub.

This cabin has an "L" shape that makes it feel like it's part of a meadow. The interior is full of rich woodwork and stained glass. Two rooms on the upper floor offer plenty of natural light. And the downstairs bedrooms share a bathroom.

The Sea Ranch cabin was built as a study of affordable home construction. Inside, the open wooden stairs create a spacious, loft-like feel. The loft area has an excellent view of the deck, and the dining room has a spacious skylight that lets in lots of light.

This urban cabin in the Portland area is filled with midcentury modern decor. It features vaulted wood ceilings, a fireplace, and a private deck. Located near the Tualatin Valley, the cabin is convenient to many restaurants, shops, and golf courses.

One more midcentury modern cabin is located in Winthrop, Washington. Designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects, this 1,100-square-foot vacation rental is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Using passive solar technology, the cabin is energy efficient and offers plenty of natural light.


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