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Midcentury Modern Industrial Design

January 4, 2023

Midcentury modern industrial design can be overwhelming. It is a bold look that is simple to implement. This style makes use of natural materials, such as wood and exposed brick. However, it doesn't have to sacrifice comfort.

The key to creating an industrial midcentury modern look is to combine natural elements with sleek, futuristic metal designs. Materials like steel and brass can be used to create a sophisticated, yet uncluttered space. You may want to try using live plants to bring in more natural colors. If you do decide to go this route, be sure to pair it with a soothing backdrop to offset the harshness of the metal.

As mentioned before, midcentury modern is an American design movement that focuses on clean lines and geometric shapes. These features were evident in the furnishings produced during the era. Examples include iconic designs by Arne Jacobsen, Eames and George Nelson.

In addition to a clean aesthetic, midcentury modern furniture also needs to be comfortable. For example, you don't want to settle for a slick desk chair or a clunky cocktail table. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

Depending on the room, a color scheme is also important. Natural light is often considered a vital aspect in determining a color scheme. Having different lights in the same room can add depth and make the space appear larger. Likewise, choosing an earthy or warm shade for your walls and flooring is a must.

For instance, the best industrial midcentury modern design will utilize an interesting accent wall. Consider using a black wall in a room with a fireplace. Pairing this feature with a wooden bar is a great way to enhance the ambiance. Similarly, you can find a few stools and a metal drink cart to match your existing furnishings.

Another way to add a splash of midcentury modern industrial design is to incorporate a bold piece of artwork. A statement piece doesn't have to be something that is live or alive; a small sculpture, a framed photo gallery, or a graphic poster will suffice.

For a more practical approach, you can also try adding a few personal touches to your home. Instead of opting for a large sculpture, consider placing a few sketches, photos, or signs of wear on the floor. Or, you can even spray paint some of your existing pieces with a metallic finish.

Finally, be sure to keep your eye out for unique and funky finds. For example, you can find vintage mid-century modern furniture at sites such as 1stDibs. You might also want to check out EMFURN, a company that sells modern reproductions of mid-century modern furniture.

Whether you're looking to redecorate your whole home, or just one room, incorporating the right combination of contemporary and midcentury design elements can be the perfect solution. From neutral monochrome colors to opulent materials, there are plenty of ways to give your space an elegant industrial twist.


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