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Japanese Train Interior

April 4, 2023

Traveling on a Japanese train is an unforgettable way to experience the country. These trains are often themed to attract tourists and provide passengers with an unique experience, from historic steam engines to characters popular with children.

The Japanese railway network is one of the largest in the world, providing access to people throughout Japan. From shinkansen (bullet trains) to local and rapid trains, travelers have an array of choices when planning their journey.

Shinkansen trains, the iconic symbol of Japan, boast sleek aerodynamic exteriors and spotless interiors. Plus, their staff of courteous conductors and attendants with an elegant demeanor sets them apart from other countries' trains.

Shinkansen and limited express trains typically offer both reserved and non-reserved seating, the former sold as a basic ticket with an assigned seat; the latter requires advance reservations at JR ticket offices. Depending on the train, seats in non-reserved cars will be identified by a bilingual sign.

Some shinkansen and limited express cars feature seats with power outlets, making them a convenient feature for travellers who need to charge their devices while aboard the aircraft.

On ordinary shinkansen and limited express train cars, seating is configured as 2+2 across the carriage width. Upholstery tends to be plaid, creating an atmosphere of vibrant colors and textures.

These cars feature an open compartment on one side that is accessible to passengers - similar to a balcony or veranda. This provides an ideal spot for passengers to sit back, relax and take in the scenery.

This design is inspired by Japanese architecture, yet updated. The chairs and tables are made from traditional Tohoku wood in the Tohoku region where the train operates.

Kazuyo Sejima, a renowned architect in Japan, created this design. He stated, 'I wanted to create a train that feels like an inviting living room where passengers can unwind and be encouraged to ride every day.'

He achieved this effect by placing windows at regular intervals throughout each carriage and using soft indirect light to beautifully illuminate the space.

On this train you'll find a lounge that evokes images of a forest with tree-patterned features, an elegant dining cart serving exquisite cuisine from eastern Japan and luxurious tatami-styled suites.

At the conclusion of each trip, guests can also savor a rejuvenating spa foot bath.

Another excellent way to pass the time on a shinkansen is by taking advantage of various entertainment systems, like television screens or video-on-demand. Most passengers on board both regular shinkansens and limited express trains have access to complimentary WiFi for added comfort while they travel.

All Japanese trains, including the shinkansen and limited express classes, are air-conditioned. Some even provide temperature control.

In addition to air-conditioning, most trains offer other amenities as well. Some even feature vending machines or snack bars for added convenience.


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