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Interior Design Mistakes Often Made and Should be Avoided

March 27, 2023

There are lessons learned from interior designer reflections that anyone can benefit from. The skill and field are not simply about creating a visual presentation of a living space, although that is a key element and goal of the effort involved. It’s also about finding and utilizing furniture, fixtures, materials, and designs that will be lasting. After all, most homes and living spaces are expected to stay the same for at least 10 years or longer. If a commercial setting, such as a restaurant or hotel public area, they are expected to handle thousands of visitors in a year and a tremendous amount of traffic. So, things need to be lasting, durable, and reliable while at the same time evoking a time and style that is easily recognizable and unique. 

Pillows, Throws, and Fabric Accessories

Poorly made fabrics, pillows, and throws show their age almost immediately with interior design. The problem comes in the fact that these items, while available at a lower cost than higher quality comparables, are not designed for heavy usage. They fade color in sunlight, show wear spots where there is frequent contact, and visibly fray quickly. Furniture pillows are, believe it or not, some of the most moved and used items in a living room or sitting setting, such as a hotel, so they take an incredible beating aside from the area where one actually sits. Between contact transfer, body oil, dust, and general usage, the surface becomes stained and grimy within a few months, which is a big problem with cheaper pillows that can’t be washed. High-quality pillows and similar ones that have removable covers can be swapped with new ones when needed. 

Faux Leather is Fragile

Unlike true leather, faux leather is often chosen as a non-animal alternative and at a lower cost. Unfortunately, one gets what one pays for too. Faux leather is incredibly weaker than the real thing, breaks down when exposed to regular sunlight, and can be easily scratched. While there are lots of different materials that can be used to imitate leather, none of them have the durability needed for a long life in a home setting or heavily-trafficked public place. Note, because most of the time faux leather is made of plastics, sunlight really does a number on it, causing drying out and cracking. If you have to rely on faux leather for interior design, keep it away from the windows. 

Soft-Sided Storage & Organizers

Often pitched as space savers and smart storage in active areas, such as a living room or semi-kitchen area, these storage cube tools are expected to work with square or rectangular spaces. While they had color to otherwise empty areas, they wear down and get torn very quickly. These items are often seen in small apartment settings, college rooms, and kids' rooms, which, ironically, is the worst place to use them due to the high usage involved. If you are going to opt for removable storage boxes in cubicle shelving or under coffee tables, pick something that will last. Stained wood is a very nice-looking option instead, and it lasts decades.

Peg-Leg Furniture

Furniture should be able to take the weight and movement of people at the maximum weight size, no matter if no one in a family will ever get to that size. The reason being is, furniture gets leaned on, moved, torqued, and pressured in far more ways than just direct sitting. So using furniture with small, skinny legs for support is going to be a surefire way to experience a chair or couch collapse at some point. Unfortunately, these choices are lower in cost, so they have more appeal. It’s a mistake. Go with sturdy support for chairs and couches. You will thank yourself for decades to come. 

Interior designer Los Angeles expertise is successful because it aggregates years of trial and error with different fabrics, materials, furniture, fixtures, settings, and even the local climate, both indoors and outdoors. While not every room will need the professional touch of an interior designer, it doesn't hurt to check for advice about what works and what doesn't for a variety of reasons, including practical function over time. Doing so can both maximize the value of a home or commercial setting investment, as well as make it far more enjoyable for years to follow. 


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