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Infinity Hoop - Is it Safe to Use?

January 20, 2024

infinity hoop

Infinity hoops are pieces of workout gear designed to aid calorie burning and core muscle toning. Consisting of a plastic ring with soft foam padding for added comfort, Infinity hoops have been claimed by their creator to help individuals lose belly fat within one month if used correctly. They have also been declared safe to use without risk of injuries being sustained when correctly utilized.

As well as helping with weight loss, hooping is also said to be an effective stress reliever. Its repetitive nature and focus required to keep it spinning can help soothe your mind, release endorphins, improve mood and decrease stress levels while building coordination and balance with regular practice.

Hooping can be great fun, but it is essential to understand its risks. Hooping can cause muscle strains if used too aggressively or for too long; using too large of a hoop increases injury risks further; using an overly heavy one could even result in back or neck pain if used incorrectly.

As such, it is wise for individuals to supplement hooping with other low-impact exercises and warm up prior to beginning with stretching exercises to prevent injuries from occurring. Additionally, warm-up before commencing hooping to reduce risks.

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