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Gamble House Floor Plan: A Comprehensive Guide to This Iconic Design

May 24, 2023

Located in Pasadena, California, the Gamble House is one of the most iconic examples of American Arts and Crafts architecture. Built in 1908 for David and Mary Gamble, of the Procter & Gamble Company, the home has been a popular tourist destination ever since it was donated to the city of Pasadena in 1966. The Gamble House's floor plan is integral to its design, and understanding it can help you appreciate the home even more.

The History of the Gamble House

The Gamble House was designed by brothers Charles and Henry Greene, who were famous for their Arts and Crafts architecture. The home was built for David and Mary Gamble as a winter residence, and they used it for that purpose until Mary's death in 1929. After David's death in 1923, the home was inherited by his daughters, who continued to use it as a vacation home. In 1966, they donated the Gamble House to the city of Pasadena, with the stipulation that it be used as a museum.

The Floor Plan

The Gamble House's floor plan is designed to incorporate many of the principles of Arts and Crafts architecture. The home is a two-story structure with a basement, and it is built around a central courtyard. The main entrance is on the north side of the home, and it leads into the living room. The living room is the largest room on the first floor, and it features a massive fireplace and beautiful woodwork.

Off of the living room is the dining room, which is connected to the butler's pantry and the kitchen. The kitchen is located on the south side of the house and is designed to be functional and efficient. It has plenty of storage space and is outfitted with the latest appliances.

The second floor of the Gamble House is accessed by a staircase located in the living room. The staircase is a beautiful piece of woodwork in its own right, and it leads to a large landing. Off of the landing are four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The bedrooms are designed to be comfortable and relaxing, with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.


The Gamble House is an iconic example of American Arts and Crafts architecture, and understanding its floor plan can help you appreciate its design even more. The home's layout is designed to be functional, efficient, and beautiful. If you have the opportunity to visit the Gamble House, take advantage of it. Seeing the home's floor plan up close is a unique and unforgettable experience.


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