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Copper Cabinet Hardware - Rustic and Trendy

January 5, 2023

Copper cabinet hardware is a trendy choice that looks great in modern homes. It is also a traditional and rustic choice that is a perfect fit for a farmhouse kitchen. There are many options available, including handles and knobs, latches and pulls, and matching sets.

There are many different styles and colors of copper cabinet hardware to choose from. These include antique, burnished, polished, and distressed finishes. The finish can match almost any color palette. If you are considering purchasing these cabinet hardware items for your home, keep a few things in mind before making your purchase.

Antiqued hardware is a popular choice for rustic kitchens. This style has a worn, aged look that brings out the character of the hardware. You can find this style in any type of wood, but it looks best on warm, red-toned woods.

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware is another traditional option that comes in many different colors. This metal can be used to give your kitchen a contemporary look, or it can be paired with antique brass. While this finish can vary depending on the product, it will give your cabinets a rich toasted brownish-black tone.

Another common material for kitchen cabinet hardware is raw wood. Raw wood knobs can be sanded to achieve a smooth surface. They can then be painted or stained to complement your cabinets. But you can still buy them in their natural state, too.

Some of the most popular options for cabinet hardware are plastic and metal. Both of these are very affordable and easy to find. However, there are some disadvantages to both types of hardware. One drawback to both metals is that they can stain the facade of your cabinets. In addition, cleaning them can be difficult. Therefore, it is always recommended that you clean them regularly.

Stainless steel is a good choice if you are looking for a hygienic environment. Brass can be cleaned with a commercial cleaner, but you will need to be patient and use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Brass door handles can be restored using a homemade paste. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda paste will work. Just make sure that the paste is thick and clings to the hardware. Using lemon half dipped in salt can help remove stubborn stains.

Another popular option is marble knobs. Marble is durable and can work well with both traditional and contemporary kitchens. However, you may want to leave these materials unpainted to allow them to blend with your other kitchen accessories.

Metal hardware can be cleaned using a mild polish. Wipe them on a regular basis to maintain their shine. Be careful to avoid rubbing copper knobs onto other surfaces, as this can stain them and your cabinets. Generally, stainless steel can be steam cleaned.

Cabinet hardware can be purchased at any number of places. You can find it on websites like Houzz, where you can browse through the latest offerings from a variety of top brands.


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