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Choosing a Luxury Shade For Your Home

March 30, 2024

luxury shade

When purchasing a lamp shade for your home, there are various factors you must take into account, including size, color and fabric options. Your choice can have an enormous impact on its design scheme.

Lutron luxury shades provide homeowners with style, beauty and performance. Equipped with advanced motorization options, homeowners can manage natural light, privacy and temperature at the touch of a button.

1. Tiffany Blue

Tiffany & Co was among the first companies to create an instantly identifiable hue known as Tiffany Blue that became instantly recognizable among consumers. First appearing on their Blue Book cover in 1845, this light medium robin egg blue hue has since become an international symbol of luxury and romance.

Although representatives from this company don't understand why its founder chose this particular shade, they do believe it embodies "elegant sophistication." And who could argue with that?

Lutron luxury roller shades provide the ideal blend of beauty and function in the home by using high quality materials with special coatings that block UV radiation at an optimum rate, helping protect furniture and carpeting from sun damage caused by direct sunlight. Furthermore, their eco-friendly fabrics produce less pollution during manufacturing while wearing down faster; in turn releasing harmful chemicals into your indoor environment.

2. Purple

Purple has long been associated with royalty, wealth, and luxury; making it an elegant statement. Furthermore, purple serves as an emotive representation of creativity and innovation making it ideal for brands operating in technology or creative industries.

Purple has always been associated with elite status due to its expensive production process. Tyrian purple, the original dye made from sea snail juice (Bolinus brandaris), took 250,000 snails (on average) just to produce one pound of dye! Dyeing clothing using Tyrian purple could cost more than an ordinary worker would receive annually as wages.

Light purple hues evoke femininity and romance while darker tones symbolize nobility and wealth. Additionally, each shade may hold different spiritual or mysterious connotations.

3. Red

Red is an iconic shade that connotes passion, romance and excitement. Darker red hues like burgundy, maroon and oxblood convey luxury and sophistication that customers respond to; making these richer hues ideal for high-end retail, fine dining or classic yet contemporary styles.

Hibiscus red is an eye-catching shade inspired by the vibrant petals of hibiscus flowers, creating a welcoming yet striking hue that pairs well with earth tones and lighter tones like blush pink. Persian red, with its cultural influences and neutral undertones, also works well when pairing it with both warm and cool tones. Finally, Barn red brings rustic charm that recalls traditional American barns while pairing perfectly with earth tones such as white or charcoal gray neutrals.

49ers red is an eye-catching shade associated with the San Francisco 49ers football team and features warm orange undertones. Cadmium red, created using pigments derived from cadmium metal, boasts vibrant yellow-orange hues perfect for accent colors.

4. Gold

Gold has a rich tradition that connotes wealth and abundance, from shiny to muted hues, as a timeless symbol that conveys power, status and influence. Its deeper hues radiate warmth while its deeper tones can even seem warm or sophisticated depending on their shade. Over the centuries it has represented royalty, divinity and the pursuit of perfection as a sign from heaven itself - symbolizing royal rule over others as well as divine rights to rule and control others - inspiring those surrounded by it to pursue perfection even further while symbols like these may become self-righteous as they seek power over others through excessive gold exposure!

Our gold collection boasts an assortment of hues to meet every style and need, from the boldness of Metallic Gold to Old Gold's comforting warmth to Champagne Gold's subtle luminescence and Green Gold's earthy beauty or Topaz Yellow's subtle charms.

UCLA Gold stands out with its distinctive blend of olive and yellow tones, creating an authentic appearance more natural than other luminous hues. Dull Gold offers just enough sparkle without becoming overwhelming - ideal for lofts or country cottages looking for subtle yet eye-catching accents.


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