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Choosing Kitchen Tile

February 16, 2024

No matter if you're prepping to sell or upgrading for yourself, tile is an enduring and cost-effective solution to consider when updating or renovating a kitchen. Choose from various colors and textures that suit any style; even better yet, printing technology now allows ceramic tiles to look like natural stones such as marble or travertine; wood graining; concrete patterns and even simplistic styles can all be found!

Selecting an ideal kitchen tile depends on its layout, size and durability of the room. An open concept kitchen with dining and family spaces requires more durable material than one comprising just sink, stove and refrigerator. Water resistance should also be considered; dropped ice cubes, orange juice spillage or spaghetti sauce could stain porous tiles causing staining; therefore it would be prudent to invest in harder or impervious tiles instead.

Other considerations when remodeling a kitchen include installation difficulty and cost. More elaborate applications, like herringbone patterns, may take more time and may even necessitate professional services; for faster projects a peel and stick product with mesh backing should suffice as this option should be easy enough for most do-it-yourselfers to handle themselves.


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