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Add Gold Canisters to Your Kitchen Counter

March 7, 2024

Gold canisters make an eye-catching statement in any kitchen - old, new or otherwise - whether small or large. From ceramic and chic glass jars to marble and metal varieties, decorative jars add visual interest as well as function in your pantry.

Discover ceramic canisters with smooth white glaze backgrounds to let golden accents stand out, and sets with intricate designs on both body and lid for additional ornamentation. Some options feature linear borders of floral motifs or scrolling vines while others boast intricate etched patterns for more decorative enhancement.

For a modern aesthetic, think beyond ceramic and glass and explore metal and enamel options instead. Brushed or hammered metal adds an industrial feel while smooth sophisticated enamel in pure white with brilliant gold lettering is elegant and refined. Both options provide sleek modern alternatives to ornate ceramic and glass options while remaining durable enough for everyday use, complementing stainless appliances and granite counters nicely.

White and gold canisters are an timeless combination, perfect for traditional, country, or contemporary kitchens alike. They coordinate beautifully with any color scheme from warm Tuscan and French Country palettes to cool monochromes; plus you can use them as accents in bathrooms to organize cotton balls, makeup products, or grooming items.


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