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A Blue Bubble Couch Goes Viral on TikTok

March 23, 2024

Thrift shoppers know the thrill of discovering hidden gems at thrift shops - which New Yorker Amanda Joy did this past weekend when she came upon a blue sofa on the side of the road that turned out to be a Roche Bobois Bubble couch, retailing at $8,000. Her video detailing this find went viral, receiving over 54 million views so far!

But Joy's luxurious couch has its critics. While many who commented on TikTok post were enthusiastic in congratulating her, others voiced concerns over what could possibly be lurking inside. One sarcastic commenter wrote "BED BUG CENTRAL", suggesting it might contain blood-sucking bedbugs; others voiced fears it could contain mold or other unpleasant substances within its cushioned structure.

Joy responded to their criticism with a second video where she addressed their queries about cleanliness of her couch and explained that she kept it at her father's office for two weeks prior to transporting it home, then checked for bed bugs as an essential precaution given its delicate fabric making washing more challenging than expected.

She noted that the sofa had only been abandoned on the curb for 24 hours prior to being collected by her. As proof, she showed viewers its tag from Roche Bobois as evidence of its authenticity.

As expected, the internet quickly challenged Joy's claim that her Roche Bobois couch is indeed genuine French high-end brand sofa; some even suggested it could be knockoffs from AliExpress. But Joy stood firm, noting close-up shots showing its upholstery to be genuine wool-polyamide blend fabric.

Chamlee, an avid TikTok creator who documents her thrifting adventures on TikTok, joined in the discussion over this sofa. She informed The Independent that it is indeed a Roche Bobois Bubble she found and even uploaded a video showing herself sitting on it.

However, she cautioned that the blue sofa's unique shape and size might make it more susceptible to bed bug infestation than other couches. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, these bloodsuckers can find shelter within chair seams or between cushions.

However, Joy's sofa has proven resilient against pest control specialists' warnings of possible bed bug infestation. By yesterday afternoon it had still been featured prominently on Roche Bobois' homepage; traffic to its Bubble couch page has seen an unprecedented 400% surge since Joy's video went viral; as has its celebrity users like Kate Moss, Hailey Bieber, and Charlotte Gainsbourg having all been seen sitting comfortably upon its cloudlike seat.


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