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Choosing Between a Single Sink Vanity and a Double Sink Vanity

March 23, 2024

Selecting the ideal vanity size and design when remodeling your bathroom is a key first step when renovating. Your decision can have lasting impacts on its workflow, storage needs, aesthetics and functionality. From contemporary pedestal styles to more classic traditional options there is a vast variety of sizes and styles available to you; one important decision you will face is whether to go for single or double sink vanity solutions.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with both options; ultimately it depends on your preferences and bathroom needs. Single sink vanities tend to be smaller, more compact, and easier to keep clean - perfect for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms, or guest baths. They are often less expensive as less material and installation expenses will typically apply than with two sink vanities.

On the other hand, double sink vanities are perfect for larger bathrooms as they allow more flat countertop space and create a more balanced aesthetic. Plus, double sinks offer multiple storage solutions and can allow two people to utilize the bathroom simultaneously! However, installing this type of vanity may require more costly materials, fixtures, and plumbing - something your budget may prohibit.

When making the choice between single or double sink vanities, consider how often and when you plan on using them. If the space will mainly be for yourself, a single sink may be more appropriate, while for households where multiple people share one bathroom simultaneously a double vanity is likely to provide greater convenience for everyone involved.

After you have determined your space's purpose, the next step should be choosing cabinets and counter materials. There are vanities made with both solid wood and manufactured wood cabinets; as well as various countertop and sink options to consider. Natural stone tops are popular choices, though marble and quartz options can also be found. When it comes to cabinets, there are various finishes and special storage features such as drawer organizers or built-in power outlets available to choose from. Willow Collection Aberdeen 42-Inch Single Sink Vanity features both a drawer and cabinet base to help keep your space free of clutter, with multiple color choices to complement any bathroom decor. No matter which vanity option you opt for, always consult with a professional installer to ensure proper plumbing and electrical placement in order to prevent costly delays during installation.


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