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What Does a Grading Contractor Do?

February 19, 2023

What Does a Grading Contractor Do?

A grading contractor is responsible for preparing land before construction begins, whether it's an industrial building or residential property. They'll use their expertise and equipment to level the ground, remove dirt or other materials, and make the area easier to build on.

They also provide excavation services to prepare the ground for laying asphalt, concrete or other materials. They can also help a developer get a commercial permit for a grading project by writing the plans and elevations needed to submit them to authorities such as zoning and building commissioners.

Grading contractors do not usually perform excavating, which is the process of removing soil from a site or trenching for underground utilities. This is often done by a civil engineering firm or an individual who has extensive experience with these tasks.

It is essential to hire a licensed professional who can complete grading projects correctly. This ensures the project is constructed properly and safely, which helps prevent damage to buildings and the environment.

During the grading process, a contractor may need to work closely with a civil engineer who has a detailed understanding of the ground conditions at a particular location and can recommend a plan for completing the job. This person may be a soils engineer, engineering geologist or another type of engineer with specialized knowledge in the field of grading and soil engineering.

In addition, the grading engineer should know how to properly compact soil and how to control runoff water and erosion so the building will not settle improperly. This is important, as it saves money on the overall cost of the construction project.

The contractor should also have the necessary training and safety precautions to protect other workers as well as the environment. This includes wearing appropriate clothing, protective footwear and face shields while working on the site.

This is important because some of the machinery used by grading contractors can be dangerous and should only be operated by trained professionals who have the proper safety training and are insured to do so. They should also have a commercial driving license to operate the heavy equipment that they'll use on the job.

Grade plans are complex documents that require a good understanding of how to read and interpret them. They are intended to give engineers, construction planners, and authorities such as zoning and building commissioners all of the information they need to assess the results of the grading plan and to approve, deny, or make changes.

Grading plans can be confusing for anyone not familiar with them, as they include a wide range of different types of lines, numbers and arrows that are meant to represent a variety of grading techniques. This can lead to confusion when reading a grading plan, which is why it's important to have someone with experience read the plans and explain them to you.


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