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Construction Daily Report Template

January 19, 2024

construction daily report template

Construction daily report templates offer construction workers a convenient and precise method of documenting work performed on their job sites. They serve as vital safeguards against unfair claims and disputes by providing proof that actual works have taken place via photos and signatures; in addition, these reports help achieve project timelines and milestones, monitor general site activity including labour, plant, equipment and materials usage - however creating, organizing and sharing paper-based daily progress reports can often take up too much of your time and energy!

This daily report template for construction companies was created to make reporting progress reports simpler by providing dedicated fields for key information, including crew members, tasks completed, weather delays and schedule delays, material deliveries and site visitors.

Under this construction daily report's crew member section, you can record who was working and for how many hours, such as foremen's assistants, journeymen, apprentices and laborers who were present that day; their number of working hours and what tasks were completed per task. There's also an option to record material deliveries made that day as well as how long equipment was active or idle and any inspections conducted such as scaffolding or HV electrical inspections that day.

Include details about any safety meetings or incidents on site which took place throughout the day; doing this will equip you with enough data for filing a Worker's Compensation Board claim in case an accident happens.

Anna Petrova

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