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United States: A Luxurious Journey through the Land of the Brave and Free

March 4, 2023

United States: A Luxurious Journey through the Land of the Brave and Free

From the bustling cities to the serene countryside, the United States of America is a land of diversity, beauty, and rich history. The sheer magnitude of this country leaves one awe-inspired and it can be a daunting task to decide where to begin exploring. To aid in your journey, we have put together a guide to some of the most luxurious experiences to be enjoyed throughout the nation.

Natural Wonders and Adventure Sports

The United States has an impressive array of natural wonders to explore, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite National Park. Get up close to nature by taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or kayaking down the Colorado River. A trip to Hawaii will reward visitors with snorkeling around coral reefs or even surfing alongside professionals in the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Luxury Accommodations

One cannot fully immerse themselves in the beauty of America without experiencing luxury accommodations. The Beverly Hills Hotel in California has long been a staple of glamour and luxury amongst the rich and famous. Visitors can indulge in the hotel’s championship golf course, high-end spa, and dine in one of the hotel's many upscale restaurants.

For those who prefer a more rustic feel, take a trip to Montana and stay within the heart of the Montana Rockies. The Ranch at Rock Creek offers visitors private cabins and access to various outdoor activities such as horseback riding and fly fishing.

Michelin-Starred Dining

The United States is home to many Michelin-starred restaurants. One such restaurant, Alinea, located in Chicago, Illinois, offers guests a unique and innovative culinary experience. Diners can expect an exciting and inventive menu that engages all of the senses.

In New York City, one can find various Michelin-starred options, including the elegant Eleven Madison Park, where the menu changes seasonally to provide guests with the freshest cuisine possible.

Luxury Shopping

The United States offers some of the most extravagant shopping experiences in the world, especially in New York City. Fifth Avenue is well-known for its world-renowned brands, from Tiffany & Co. to Saks Fifth Avenue, offering everything from designer clothing to luxury watches.

In Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive is home to a vast array of high-end boutiques offering designer fashion from around the globe.

Iconic Landmarks

No trip to the United States would be complete without a visit to some of its iconic landmarks. Niagara Falls, located on the US-Canadian border, offers a breathtaking waterfall experience and can be enjoyed either by boat or helicopter.

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is another must-see landmark for travelers visiting the United States. Take a boat ride to Liberty Island and climb to the top of the statue's crown for an unrivaled view of the New York skyline.

Luxury Transportation

Traveling throughout the United States can be done in style with luxury transportation options. Take a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer and embark upon a breathtaking journey through western Canada’s vast and stunning landscapes.

For those who prefer to remain stateside, the Belmond Royal Scotsman offers a scenic train ride through the Scottish Highlands, complete with gourmet dining and luxurious accommodations.


From the vast natural landscapes to the high-end shopping experiences and Michelin-starred restaurants, the United States offers endless opportunities to explore and indulge in luxurious experiences. Start planning your luxurious journey through the land of the brave and free today.



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