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Types of Garage Flooring

March 29, 2023


Garage flooring is an excellent way to add value to your home and create a space that will last for years. There are various options, such as carpet, vinyl, rubber, stone, and epoxy.

Carpet tiles are an ideal choice for any garage, offering a soft and warm surface for your feet while providing some protection from spills and stains. Many top brands offer machine-washable tiles that can easily be taken out and replaced.

Decorative mats are another option for garage flooring, available in a range of patterns and colors. While they're easy to install and provide some added comfort, they won't hold up well if there is an issue with the garage floor beneath them.

Rollout mats are another flooring option for your Garage, available in rolls made of either rubber or vinyl. While these are lightweight and easily moved around the room, they won't last as long as more robust options such as vinyl plank flooring or a concrete slab.

VCT tile is a popular option for garage floors due to its durability and customizability. Unfortunately, these tiles require more upkeep than some other options; they may need to be refinished periodically in order to maintain their fresh look.

Epoxy coating is an excellent garage flooring choice and will protect your concrete from corrosives, oil leaks and other fluid damage. It's simple to apply and suitable for any type of concrete surface.


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