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THOR Appliances Review

February 12, 2024

Thor appliances are created to bring professional-style kitchen equipment into the home at an affordable price. Based in Southern California, this American company specializes in designing their own line of luxury kitchen appliances with design and functionality in mind. Although manufactured overseas (Chinese factories), products are overseen by an in-house support team here in the US that ensures quality standards remain high as well as competitive pricing.

Thor is often compared to popular brand ZLINE in terms of quality appliances at more accessible price points. Their products feature quality materials and sleek modern aesthetic that blend into many kitchen styles seamlessly, and provide outstanding customer service as well as an industry leading warranty to back their products up.

Even though they don't offer as wide of an assortment of appliances as other brands do, KitchenAid still manages to meet customer needs by providing essential kitchen essentials like their 36 inch tilt panel professional range and small appliances like microwaves and refrigerators.

Thor's stainless steel products are an ideal way to upgrade your kitchen with restaurant-grade equipment without breaking the bank. While similar appliances typically cost up to $10,000, Thor offers premium products at a fraction of that price and in multiple colors and finishes to complement any aesthetic.


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