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The History of Bed Jackets

March 7, 2024

Are You A Fan Of Old Hollywood Glamour? Consider adding a Bed Jacket To Your Wardrobe! These short capes were originally intended to go over women's nightgowns or pajamas while reading, eating breakfast in bed, relaxing or simply lounging around the home. Often hand knitted from satin, silk lace or wool they took years of handwork. A bed jacket would often feature as part of patients' hospital stays or worn after giving birth - they were once an essential piece in every woman's boudoir back then!

Bed jackets became fashionable again in the 1920s and 1930s as home sewing patterns, remaining fashionable through to mid 1960s before gradually declining in popularity; nowadays they can only be found at antique clothing shops or museums. Although typically associated with femininity and daintiness, bed jackets didn't appeal to as wide an audience as other garments such as flannel vests; consequently they fell out of favor during psychedelic 1960s when women rebelled against restrictive fashions for greater freedom and equality in the workplace.

Today's bed jackets can be found in an impressive array of fabrics ranging from organic cotton (Slenderella), Supima micromodal and ring spun combed cotton (Betsy). In addition, they come both insulated and non-insulated styles; those filled with down or synthetic insulation mimicking its warmth usually perform better when wet; some jackets even include hydrophobic coating to prevent moisture absorption.


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