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The Demo Deck Tool

April 3, 2023

demo deck tool

If you are creating a deck or making changes, the demo deck tool can assist. It has a form for selecting cards for a deck, viewing battle statistics and generating a URL which can be shared with others. Plus, there's also a save button so you can store your decks for later recall.

Lowe's Virtual Deck Designer

Take your first steps toward designing your dream deck with this user-friendly online design tool. This virtual experience uses your size, shape and material preferences to give you a realistic preview of how it will look when completed - so that you can make informed decisions before beginning construction. Plus you'll receive tailored building tips and shopping lists to get you off on the right foot when starting your project.

Pear Deck for Education

Teachers will find Pear Deck to be an invaluable tool in creating interactive, dynamic presentations and formative assessments. The slideshows are simple to make with audio/video elements so they can easily be shared with students. Furthermore, the platform has features that enable educators to assess student learning in real-time.

MiTek Deck Designer (tm)

Free Online Deck Design Software
The free deck designer program is a user-friendly menu driven system designed for anyone from beginner DIYers to professional deck builders. Designs can be saved, printed, emailed and exported; house photos can even be imported and used in designing the deck around it! Plus the program prints out an extensive materials list with everything needed for the job - all for free!

Trex Deck Designer Desktop and Mobile App

The Trex Deck Designer desktop tool is an ideal way to get started on your composite decking project. It allows you to pick the dimensions of your deck, then choose one of 18 colors from 18 options to visualize how it will look in its finished state - all from the convenience of home. Planning this entire venture has never been simpler!

Egnyte Security Demos

The cybersecurity software company offers an interactive demo center where prospects can learn about their CMMC Compliance, Content Intelligence and Classification, as well as Ransomware Recovery services. Each click-through demo includes a checklist so users can quickly identify which use cases apply to them; additionally, each tour is tailored towards different buyer personas for added appeal.

Egnyte offers over 20 product tours in its demo center. Each is a click-through demonstration that highlights the key capabilities of its product and illustrates common cybersecurity use cases.

Zendesk Customer Service Software

Zendesk, a B2C service provider of CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, found it difficult to demonstrate the product's features. To address this problem, the company created a demo center where prospects can explore how its product functions and how it can enhance their business operations. These demos are tailored specifically towards different buyer personas who may be interested in purchasing the software.


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