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Tara Kitchen - A Culinary Journey Where Global Flavors Collide

February 13, 2024

Experience Global Flavors Once known only as a booth at Schenectady's Green Market, Moroccan Cuisine now has two locations across New York City and now brings Moroccan decor and cuisine directly into diners' lives through decor and food. Each time diners step through its doors they are transported back to Morocco through decor and cuisine; at both spots diners are transported through decor and cuisine back to Morocco - from Middle Eastern dishes cooked in conical ceramic vessels with conical lids all the way through tagines that take inspiration from North African history as cultural crossroads- seasoned with spices such as garlic paprika and cinnamon; creating vibrant yet not fiery experiences where flavors collide - yet make for unforgettable dining experiences!

After the outbreak of coronavirus, Aneesa Waheed of tara kitchen took an unconventional approach to dealing with it. Instead of closing her restaurant as many others did, she instead decided to use her resources for good by sending meals directly to patients in ICUs - starting off at 15 per week and quickly increasing to over 150 each week. "It is essential to stay focused on what truly matters during a difficult and uncertain period," she noted.

Food at R'fissa is authentic and satisfying, whether eaten in or taken out. Perhaps their most delicious dish is R'fissa: chicken marinated with fenugreek and saffron that has been bathed in salty cured butter before being served with currents, lentils and shredded flatbread as sides.

Other memorable dishes include lamb m'chermel, a braised, slow-cooked stew with potatoes, raisins, and almonds; and the kofta s'chermel -- chicken filled with raisins, fenugreek seed, and saffron, served over couscous - and also delicious. Baklava makes another welcome appearance at this establishment!


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