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Slate Is Not Always the Best Choice For Bathroom Floors

January 10, 2023

Slate is a popular choice for bathroom floors. The material is durable and has a nice look. It's also easy to clean. You can buy tiles in various colors and shapes, and there's no limit to your creativity when it comes to decorating. However, slate is not always the best option for your bathroom.

One problem with slate is that it can be expensive. Depending on the type of slate used, the price can range from several cents a square foot to a few dollars. In addition, the tiles can be tricky to cut and install. Additionally, you may need to use a subfloor to help support the weight of the tiles and prevent cracking.

Another problem with slate is that it can get cold underfoot in the winter. This is especially true if you have radiant heat installed under the tile. Because of this, you might want to consider adding in-floor heating. For instance, you can install radiant below-surface coil heating systems underneath the tile.

As far as flooring is concerned, you have a few choices, but none are as popular as slate. Whether you're considering ceramic, porcelain, vinyl or another natural stone, you'll need to choose a product that suits your budget and personal tastes. If you're remodeling your bathroom, you might also want to make sure the flooring is moisture-resistant and slip-resistant. These are the key elements to making your bathroom a comfortable place to relax and get ready for the day.

Aside from slate, the best bathroom idea might be chalkboard painting. This type of painting is a recent trend, and it can add a bit of humor to your bathroom. Typically, you'll only paint one side of the wall, and it's best for small bathrooms or rooms with good lighting.

Other bathroom ideas that you'll want to consider include an oversized vanity and wall mounted cabinets. An oversized vanity will save you room in your bathroom, while the wall-mounted cabinets will keep your small accessories organized. There are even storage bins that are made specifically for the task.

Another option is engineered wood. While not as durable as slate, it is made from natural minerals and pressure. This type of flooring is also a great idea in warm climates. During the cold months, you'll need to have your floors heated with a heater.

Finally, you'll want to make sure you seal your slate tiles. This will keep them from absorbing moisture and mildew. Also, you can keep the grout from wearing out. When it comes to sealing, it's important to use a penetrating sealer. This will close up the tiny pores in the stone, which will help prevent leaks.

Slate is a very unique material. You'll want to be sure you're buying a high quality product. You can find a large selection of this type of floor at home improvement stores and online. Although there are a few minor kinks to deal with, this kind of tile will last a long time.


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