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Scandinavian Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Make Your Space Chic and Stylish

March 29, 2023

brown wooden wall mounted cabinet

If you're looking for chic and stylish bathroom design ideas, then taking inspiration from Scandinavian methods may be just what you need to do. This design style, recognized for its minimalism, clean lines, and use of natural materials, can effortlessly transform your bathroom into an elegant and functional space. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular Scandinavian bathroom design ideas and how you can incorporate them into your bathroom.

Integrate Natural Materials

Scandinavian style celebrates natural materials, and this is one of the excellent ways to add a touch of Scandinavian design to your bathroom. Wood is the most common natural element in Scandinavian design - you can use natural-looking Nordic woods such as pinewood, birch, or oak for a natural and elegant effect.

For instance, adding wooden bathroom cabinets or shelving to your existing bathroom design can give it a rustic, authentic Scandinavian touch. Potted plants or adding fresh flowers on your vanity or in a small vase can be a brilliant way to infuse your bathroom with a touch of nature instantly. You'll be happy with the calming impact the plants will have on you.

Limited Color Palette

Scandinavian design style does not only celebrate natural materials; it also represents minimalism. For a perfect Scandinavian touch in your bathroom, the color palette should be limited to black, grey, and other neutral tones. It doesn't mean you have to paint your walls completely in grey or black, although you can if you want to. All it means is choosing bathroom accessories and go-to items with the color palette of gray or blacks, and ensuring it goes perfectly with your existing wall color.

If you are not willing to use only neutral colors, you may use them as the base color, and add some extras on top of it. For a pop of color, you can add vases, towels, or picture frames in bold pinks, greens or blues–making them a statement piece in your bathroom.

Simplicity of the Wall Decor

When it comes to wall decoration using Scandinavian design, you want to avoid putting too much on your bathroom walls. Having one or two pieces on your bathroom wall should be enough. The idea behind Scandinavian design is to show the beauty of the natural environment, and too much wall decor can deflect from it.

One excellent idea for your bathroom's wall decor is to use plants - this will add a touch of nature while remaining chic and elegant. For mirror, try sticking to a statement mirror or large mirror instead of lots of small mirrors. This will enable the mirror to become light-reflective, adding to the larger area feel of the space.


Scandinavian bathroom design requires natural light for it to be functional and feel like a Scandinavian design. If you have natural light flowing in your bathroom, arranging your furniture and accessories to the sides furthest from your windows can minimize shadows and maximize the natural light.

If you're unable to have natural light in your bathroom, it's not a problem. The beauty of Scandinavian design is that you can use warm and soft lights to help recreate the natural light experience.

Implement Sleek and Clean Lines

When it comes to surfaces such as your bathroom floor and vanity, having smooth, clean, and simple lines is essential. This feature makes them stand out in a visually pleasing and paired back way, which is ultimately the aim of Scandinavian design.

A minimalist approach to trim, free from overly feminine accents, is an integral part of Scandinavian design. A large stone or concrete tiles are excellent, and natural soaps or wooden soap dispensers are great for adding a Scandinavian touch to the sink.

Introduce Textures

Scandinavian design is all about textures; It celebrates the different types of textures used in a room. You can introduce textures through your towels, plants, rugs or by adding thick knitted cushions to your vanity chair.

To incorporate textures without sacrificing cleanliness, use a small rug in your bathroom. There are many different types of rugs available on the market, so try and make one of a slightly rougher surface to create a Scandinavian feel.


Scandinavian bathroom design ideas can give your space a chic and stylish feel. Wooden elements, limited color palettes, and simplistic and clean displays are all key features of Scandinavian design. When the ideas above are incorporated into your bathroom, you're well on your way to creating an inviting, clean, and peaceful Scandinavian bathroom that will be the envy of all your guests.


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