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San-Zhi: A Mysterious Ghost Town in Taiwan

June 8, 2023


San-Zhi is a mysterious ghost town located near the northern coast of Taiwan. This abandoned town was originally built in the 1970s as a vacation resort for the rich and wealthy, but construction was abruptly stopped due to a series of accidents and financial problems. The abandoned buildings and futuristic structures have now become a popular tourist spot for people looking for an eerie hour-long visit.

The Legend of San-Zhi

There are numerous urban legends and spooky stories associated with San-Zhi. One of the most popular myths surrounding the town is that it was built on haunted land, and that malevolent spirits were responsible for the accidents that occurred during construction. Locals believe that the spiraling misfortunes surrounding the town were a result of angry ghosts. Another intriguing rumor is that the town was built on a geomantic hotspot, and that this made it prone to supernatural events.

The Unique Architecture of San-Zhi

San-Zhi is famous for its unique and futuristic architectural style, which was way ahead of its time. The abandoned structures still standing in the town are made up of space pods that were supposed to house the wealthy tourists. These colorful pod-like structures are formed from reinforced concrete and supported on stilts, with each pod offering a different futuristic design. The entire town was meant to look like a community from the future.

Why Visit San-Zhi in Taiwan?

San-Zhi has become quite popular among urban explorers, photographers, and history buffs who are interested in exploring the abandoned structures. The eerie landscape and unique architecture offer visitors a fresh perspective of Taiwan's history, while also offering a unique and unconventional experience. Visitors who are intrigued by abandoned towns and ghost stories will also find San-Zhi appealing.

Final Thoughts

San-Zhi is a unique and eerie ghost town with a fascinating history. There is something truly unique about exploring abandoned spaces, and San-Zhi offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Even though it is now in ruin, the town's futuristic aesthetics is still enough to draw people in from around the world.


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