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Rivian R1S and Pickup Trucks Come With a Camp Kitchen Option

March 5, 2024

Rivian's all-electric R1S SUV and pickup truck can be equipped with an innovative Camp Kitchen for convenient off-road cooking adventures. For $5,000 extra, this $5,000 optional add-on locks into the Gear Tunnel Shuttle and comes equipped with a Snow Peak kitchen set, two burners, and four gallon sink.

Rivian has informed reservation holders that production for its Kitchen and Tunnel Shuttle models has temporarily stopped so they may be redesigned, with both items now removed from its Gear Shop website.


Rivian offered R1T owners an incredible camp kitchen option in 2019 at $5,000 that could slide neatly into its gear tunnel, providing easy cooking during overland trips or everyday cooking in your driveway. It was one of their most exciting accessories!

Rivian announced in an email to reservation holders earlier this year that it had discontinued the Camp Kitchen option, and that a more affordable design is currently under development for compatibility with their forthcoming R1S electric SUV.

Rivian describes their Thunderbolt Adventure Kitchen with Sleep Platform as the ideal "deluxe companion for camping and tailgating." Crafted from plywood, this camping-oriented kitchen is equipped with a dual burner induction cooktop, rugged canvas storage bags, collapsable sink, telescopes open for access to nearly 9 square feet of prep surface space (all surfaces protected with durable finishes) as well as being integrated with their sleep platform for use as an inflating or foam mattress flat surface surface from just behind front seats to back window for storage of inflatable mattresses or inflatable mattress pads (both sold separately).


The Thunderbolt Adventure Kitchen is a modular addition that connects directly to the Gear Sled of your Rivian R1T, providing access to a dual burner induction cooktop, rugged canvas storage bags and collapsible sink. Incredibly, its telescoped opening reveals about 9 sqft of prep space!

Rivian has recently unveiled some unique accessories for their 2022 Rivian R1T electric pickup truck at Overland Expo West event this past May, such as a Camp Kitchen that slides out from underneath its Gear Tunnel and connects directly with its battery pack.

Rivian has designed its Camp Kitchen kit to accommodate modules for cooktop, sink and power functions as well as an 18-piece Snow Peak kitchen set, all conveniently stored within its Gear Tunnel when not in use and pulled out like an expansive drawer when required. Also provided are two insulated coolers containing food and drink items. Customers may purchase an R1T separately or together.


Rivian introduced its extendable Camp Kitchen for wilderness exploration back in 2019. This foldout unit comes equipped with an induction cooktop, sink, water tank and storage drawers - plus comes complete with Snow Peak cooking gear and other accessories.

Rivian discontinued selling their Camp Kitchen earlier this year and do not intend to revive it; however, the company may still be working on creating an updated version.

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe provides more insight into their new Camp Kitchen via video. It appears sturdy yet easily packable, featuring a dual-burner induction cooktop attached to a Thunderbolt Adventure Gear Sled that folds up or down according to needs. Plus there's even a storage bin that secures water tanks and four custom waxed canvas bags to store kitchen wares!

a white truck parked in a parking lot


Rivian Motor Company unveiled its all-electric R1T pickup truck at Overland Expo West 2019 as one of its standout features was its Camp Kitchen option - a set of kitchen components which slide out of its Gear Tunnel between bed and cab storage area, costing $5,000, to create an instant kitchen that includes two burner induction cooktop, sink, electric kettle and integrated refrigerator powered by its massive battery pack.

Rivian developed its Gear Tunnel Shuttle as a 6063 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum slide to support accessories like this kitchen, however last year they informed R1T reservation holders they were temporarily putting production of both components on hold in order to redesign them. Luckily, other enthusiasts stepped in with an affordable DIY Camp Kitchen kit which works on both models of SUV - see it in action below!


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