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Reclaimed Wood Wall Ideas: Transforming Your Living Space

March 29, 2023

Reclaimed Wood Wall Ideas: Transforming Your Living Space

Are you looking for a way to add warmth, texture, and character to your living space? Consider using reclaimed wood to create a feature wall. Not only is reclaimed wood an eco-friendly option, but it also adds a unique and rustic touch to your home décor. Here are some great ideas to transform your space using reclaimed wood.

1. Rustic Planks

One of the most popular ways to use reclaimed wood is to create a feature wall with rustic planks. These planks can be cut to different lengths and widths, creating a striking pattern on your wall. You can opt for weathered-looking planks to create a natural, aged effect, or choose cleaner planks that have been sanded and sealed for a more polished look.

2. Chevron Pattern

If you’re looking for a more modern twist on the rustic reclaimed wood aesthetic, consider using the wood to create a chevron pattern on your wall. This pattern adds a contemporary edge to the reclaimed wood while still giving off a warm and welcoming vibe. You could even consider painting the wood in different shades to add more depth and interest to the wall.

3. Herringbone Pattern

Another geometric pattern that looks great with reclaimed wood is the herringbone pattern. This pattern involves arranging the wood in a V-shape to create a stunning visual effect. You can use planks of varying widths and lengths to give the wall more dimension, and playing around with different finishes, like brushed, sanded, or polished will give the wall an interesting feel.

4. Mixed Media

For those who are looking for something truly unique, using reclaimed wood in a mixed media feature wall is a great option. The wood can be paired with other materials like metal, brick, and stone to create a unique textured and dynamic wall. The contrast between the different textures and materials creates a statement wall that will impress.

5. Barn Door

Another great way to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home décor is by installing a barn door. Reclaimed wood barn doors can be made from various types of wood, such as pine or oak, and can vary in finish to suit your style. They add both rustic charm and practicality to your house. They look great as a feature in your living room or as the door to your bathroom, laundry room or office.

6. Fireplace Surround

Adding a reclaimed wood fireplace surround can create a beautiful focal point in any living space. This design element can be created by using the same style of wood as the feature wall, or by mixing and matching woods to create a contrast. A striking finish could be achieved by painting the wood a contrasting color or a crisp white color.

7. Headboard

Soft lighting against a rustic backdrop makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere that you can create by using reclaimed wood for your headboard. The reclaimed wood will add a rustic charm to your room, creating a cozy and inviting space for you to unwind after a long day. Consider using different sizes of wood, some painted white and some natural, for an interesting and textured look.

8. Accent Wall

Another way to make use of reclaimed wood is to create an accent wall in your living space. An accent wall will draw the eye to a particular area of the room, creating a sense of depth and interest. Different finishes of reclaimed wood can be used to achieve that. This solution is perfect if you want just a touch of reclaimed wood in your space.


1. How do I properly maintain my reclaimed wood feature wall?

Generally, reclaimed wood requires very little maintenance. Dusting it with a soft cloth or vacuuming with a brush attachment is enough to keep it clean. If you have a particularly dirty section, a damp cloth should do the trick. You can also consider applying a wood conditioner or beeswax to keep the wood healthy and protected.

2. How do I install a reclaimed wood feature wall?

The installation process may vary depending on the type of reclaimed wood and installation method. It is best to consult with a professional to ensure the feature wall is installed properly and securely. A professional will help you decide whether to use adhesive or screws, to secure the wood planks to your wall.

3. Is reclaimed wood more expensive than new wood?

Reclaimed wood can be more expensive than new wood due to its limited availability and the cost of salvaging old wood. However, using reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that will last longer and add a unique look to your space.

4. What is the best way to add lighting to my reclaimed wood feature wall?

Incorporating soft lighting into your reclaimed wood feature wall is a great way to add ambiance to your living space. Consider installing wall sconces, ceiling spotlights, or recessed lights to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Led strips are another great option for adding light to your feature wall, also creating a futuristic vibe that mixes well with the rustic wood.

Reclaimed wood is a great way to add warmth, texture, and character to any living space. Whether you choose to create a rustic plank feature wall or a mixed media accent wall, using reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice that will give your home a unique and inviting look. With the addition of a reclaimed wood feature wall or other decor, your home will become a true sanctuary.


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