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PGT Impact Windows Price List

June 6, 2023

PGT has earned a stellar reputation for producing impact windows that meet Miami-Dade County requirements, most notably their WinGuard line of vinyl and aluminum windows with impact resistance.

Energy efficient windows come equipped with Low-E glass, window tinting and argon gas; pricing varies by model size and material.


WinGuard impact-resistant windows from PGT are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris and wind-driven water - as well as meet Miami Dade County code requirements.

PGT vinyl windows also come equipped with customization features that can elevate their appearance, such as frame colors, tint upgrades and grid options. These customisation options can truly add something special to their design.

PGT understands the special needs of Floridians when it comes to protecting their homes against hurricanes and other tropical weather events, which is why they provide one of the best warranties in the industry - which includes lifetime coverage on frames, sashes and cladding of impact windows they install.


PGT impact windows provide your home with protection from strong winds and flying debris during hurricanes, while being both visually appealing and adding value. Constructed from aluminum and vinyl material, these impact windows come in various colors and tints. They're built for durability while being an eye-catcher that adds value.

Impact windows from WinGuard Aluminum comply with Florida's stringent building codes and come with comprehensive warranties, with WinGuard Aluminum designed to be sturdy yet sleek while their architectural window collection makes an impression. Their non-impact EnergyVue and ClassicVue Max lines meet Miami-Dade codes while still meeting Miami-Dade codes; additionally they come with one year stress crack warranties, unlike WinGuard; however they're more affordable. They feature durable frames which are easy to maintain.


PGT impact windows come with a basic lifetime warranty that only applies to their WinGuard series; their ClassicVue Max and EnergyVue products do not enjoy such coverage.

As they have an established presence in Florida, this company understands the unique window needs of residents here. They have earned an outstanding reputation among building officials of Miami-Dade for working together to craft hurricane windows that meet all city specifications.

Contractors also praise them for producing consistently durable and well-made aluminum and vinyl windows, making them a reliable option for homes in the southeastern United States. Most contractors recommend the single or double hung windows from their 5400 series for homes located there - these premium models feature thicker frames than entry-level impact windows offered by companies like ES Windows, CGI Sparta, ECO Lawson among others.


PGT's WinGuard impact windows are stylish and functional, featuring various exterior finishes for an attractive finish. Backed by one of the industry's most generous limited lifetime warranties, their windows also provide energy star qualification and residential intruder protection. Their entry-level line of ClassicVue Max, EnergyVue Vinyl and WinGuard Aluminum windows also come with 1-year stress crack warranties to complete their offering.

PGT impact window prices depend on several factors, including window material and style. Certain impact window styles cost more than others - for instance horizontal roller windows (which slide left to right on a track) are generally more costly than double-hung or casement windows; additionally some impact windows require stronger frames than others (particularly vinyl impact windows).

Bottom Line

PGT Windows and Doors are known for providing impact hurricane windows and doors, energy-efficient solutions and comprehensive warranties to meet code requirements and qualify for homeowner's insurance discounts.

Florida is where most of their production takes place, where most of their manufacturing takes place. They helped establish stringent Miami-Dade impact window regulations and are actively involved with Florida Building Commission.

PGT's WinGuard Series -- commonly referred to as impact-resistant windows or storm windows - boasts heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl frames that can withstand debris. Available in multiple styles, colors and grid patterns for customization options that pair beautifully with shutters or shades, as well as providing residential intruder protection warranties to bring peace of mind.


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