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Paver Patio Vs Deck

April 27, 2023

paver patio vs deck

Make the most of your backyard or plan an outdoor living area: there are numerous factors to keep in mind, including type of structure you'd like to build; size; features and budget considerations.

A patio and deck differ most in their locations: one is flush to the ground while one is elevated - this could help save space for homeowners with sloped yards.

Cost: Depending on the material and size of your home, installing a paver patio could be less costly than building a composite wood deck. Furthermore, installation fees tend to be much less with patios.

Maintenance: Maintenance for paver patios is less intensive compared to wood decks; however, they still need periodic cleaning for optimal performance.

Weeds: When installed on uneven soil, patio pavers often become home for unsightly weeds that become difficult and time consuming to eradicate. This not only looks unsightly, but can be time-consuming too!

Resale Value: Both patios and decks can add significant value to your home, with patios being particularly appealing to potential buyers due to being lower to the ground than decks which may or may not be attached directly.

No matter which choice you make for your outdoor living space, the experience should be enjoyable and relaxing. To achieve this goal, a patio that fits the specific needs and preferences of you and your property should be selected as the solution. Thankfully, there are various options to consider in finding that perfect patio.


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