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Naperville Landscape Design Services

October 21, 2023
  1. Rolling Landscapes Inc.
    • Award-winning company recognized for its services and designs from 2014-2023.
    • Specializes in redesigning and installing landscapes around residential properties.
  2. J&B Landscape Solutions, Inc.
    • Offers a range of services to both residential and commercial customers in Naperville and nearby areas, including shrub, plant, and tree installation.
  3. EverGreen Landscape
    • An award-winning full-service landscape design firm with nearly 20 years of experience.
    • Known for its custom design, precise installation, and ongoing maintenance services.
  4. Montanos Landscaping
    • An award-winning landscaping company specializing in landscape design, outdoor lighting, and brick patio services in Naperville, Hinsdale, and Wheaton, IL areas.
  5. Grant & Power Landscaping
    • Leading landscaping company in Naperville offering top-quality landscape design services.
    • Emphasizes creating the perfect outdoor living space with high-quality landscape designs.


Naperville Landscape Design Services: Bringing Beauty and Functionality to Your Outdoor Space


Naperville, in the state of Illinois, is a beautiful city known for its well-manicured lawns, lush green spaces, and gorgeous homes. The city boasts of various outdoor activities, including scenic riverwalks, cycling trails, and parks. And, with a burgeoning real estate market, it's no surprise that residents are continually seeking ways to beautify their homes to fit into the city's idyllic scenery. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a professional landscape design service to create a stunning outdoor space that will complement your home's architecture while adding value to your property.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Designer

While many homes in Naperville feature basic landscaping, hiring a professional landscape designer offers endless possibilities. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional landscape design service team:


Professional landscape designers bring years of experience and expertise in horticulture, landscape architecture, and garden design. They can provide a detailed analysis of your property, understand your design preferences, and recommend the best approach for your space. A professional designer can offer a customized design plan that ensures your outdoor space looks beautiful all year round.

Creative Design

Landscape design services are not only meant for creating beautiful gardens. They also consider various elements of outdoor living such as fencing, decking, lighting, water features, and other hardscaping materials. These elements are crucial in transforming your outdoor living area into an attractive and functional part of your home. Professional designers can offer a unique design plan that incorporates the latest outdoor living trends.

Increased Property Value

According to the National Association of Realtors, homeowners can see up to a 150% return on investment when landscaping their homes. A well-landscaped home creates a stunning curb appeal that can improve the value of your property. A professional landscape designer can offer a customized design plan that showcases your home's unique architectural features and brings out the full potential of your outdoor living area.

Naperville Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design

A professional landscape designer can create a beautiful landscape design from scratch. They consider various factors such as sun exposure, soil quality, drainage, and water requirements to create a custom plan for your outdoor space. They can also work with existing elements such as trees or water features to integrate seamlessly into the design.

Landscape Installation

Professional landscape design services also include installation. This includes implementing any hardscaping elements such as pavers or retaining walls and planting any flora. Professional installation ensures that your design is correctly executed and that your outdoor space is well-maintained for years to come.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is an ongoing process that aims to keep your outdoor space healthy and attractive. Professional landscape maintenance services include regular lawn mowing, irrigation checks, pruning, and general care of your landscaping elements.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living area. Professional landscape designers can offer customized lighting solutions that complement the design of your space. Landscape lighting makes your outdoor space safe and secure, adding an elegant ambiance to your home's exterior.


Hardscaping elements such as retaining walls, patios, and decks add functionality to your outdoor space. Professional landscape designers can create custom hardscape elements that integrate with your home's architecture and your landscape design. These elements can provide additional outdoor living space where you can entertain guests or just relax.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular in Naperville. Professional landscape designers can create custom outdoor living spaces that feature everything from outdoor kitchens to fire pits. These outdoor spaces add value to your property while providing a beautiful and functional area for entertaining guests or even just relaxing with your family.

If you are a Naperville resident seeking to improve the value of your property and create a custom outdoor living area, you should consider hiring a professional landscape design service team. These professionals bring expertise and creativity to your outdoor space, ensuring that it complements your home's architecture while providing the functionality you need to host guests or relax with your family. From landscape design, installation, and maintenance to complementing hardscaping elements, a professional landscape designer can bring out the full potential of your outdoor space, providing years of enjoyment and beauty.

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