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Nancy Meyers Interiors

March 3, 2024

Nancy Meyers is known for creating stunning interiors across multiple locations - from coastal Hamptons homes, California vineyards and Cotswolds cottages - using neutral tones with layers of texture. Her signature style embodies coastal grandma chic with neutrals as her go-to design aesthetic.

No matter your style - be it Cameron Diaz's cozy Surrey cottage or Meryl Streep's sprawling Santa Barbara bungalow - here are the home accents you should seek now to complete the look.

The Holiday

Nancy Meyers movies always leave you feeling happy and at peace. From Cameron Diaz's idyllic Surrey cottage in The Holiday to Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep's beach house and kitchens in SGG and It's Complicated, their living spaces feel both aspirational yet attainable.

From classic furniture silhouettes and timeless textiles, the homes in her movies exude Americana prep without being stuffy; effortless curation without fussiness is key here. Natural woods feature heavily, while there is often an undercurrent of coastal grandma chic - think floral and striped pillows, stacks of books and windows open wide to let in fresh air.

No matter whether you want to emulate Meyers' full aesthetic or just take some elements from her designs, textiles are key in creating the layered look that she so enjoys. Start with a neutral palette as a starting point before layering on complementary fabrics for an eye-catching layered effect.

Something’s Gotta Give

Nancy Meyers' movies provide visual comfort. From the charming English cottage in Something's Gotta Give to the coastal New England house in Father of the Bride and Hamptons residence in It's Complicated, every Meyers film showcases an irresistibly desirable home.

Meyers is known for creating cozy homes without feeling cluttered; whether that be Kate Winslet's charming Surrey cottage or Meryl Streep's iconic Santa Barbara bungalow. Additionally, Meyers is famous for her floral-filled garden designs and her love of flowers.

Add Meyers style to your home by pairing lamps of similar styles -- either drum- or cone-shaped -- in order to achieve a balanced look. Go neutral when choosing colors - like Jane's kitchen's off-white hue - and display various vases and wood objects along with flowers such as peonies or white orchids as an accent on wooden kitchen islands.

Father of the Bride

As soon as I think of a Nancy Meyers film, my mind often wanders to its lush houses - from London in Parent Trap and its exterior, to Kate Winslet and Diane Keaton's cozy Surrey cottage from Father of the Bride; from Something's Gotta Give's Hamptons beach house; to Meryl Streep's California bungalow from It's Complicated; Meyers is an expert at making us long for their characters' homes (and furniture!). She makes us long for these places! She excels at making us longingly dream about all these places! Meyers is an expert at making us yearn for our characters' homes (and furniture!). She masterfully makes us longing for their characters' homes (and furniture!). Meyers knows just how to make us longingly for our characters!

Meyers is known to incorporate beautiful furnishings in her films - and for good reason! Growing up around antiques and an appreciation of great design influenced this decision; her films often feature yellow walls with toile fabric upholstery, seagrass rugs and stacks of books on tables as part of her decor theme.

The Intern

Working with Nancy Meyers blurs the line between reality and movie sets. Meyers is best known for romantic comedies with coming-of-age themes like Something's Gotta Give, Father of the Bride and It's Complicated.

Meyers has an exceptional talent for crafting charming spaces that feel inviting and lived-in. She often uses neutral color palettes, along with floral and striped fabrics from various manufacturers, along with wood for flooring or furniture purposes.

Meyers' Pacific Palisades home is an exemplary representation of her aesthetic that rivals any she has created for film or TV. Diane Keaton plays Hallie who moves back into her mother's house. Meyers inspired this scene from Home Again when designing Hallie's kitchen which includes open shelving displaying copper pots, wooden utensils and white porcelain as well as marble countertops and rattan stools - an embodiment of Meyers' signature style!


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