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Modern African Houses

January 4, 2023

Modern African houses have a unique design. They have a distinct aesthetic and take advantage of the beauty of the landscape. This includes using materials that are sustainable and local. The homes have open plan interiors, allowing natural light to flow throughout. Most contemporary homes have indoor and outdoor spaces and open-air bathrooms. There are also large private verandas. These features are common in African architecture.

One of the most prominent architects showcasing African architecture in the 21st century is Mariam Kamara. She is a Nigerian architect and founder of Atelier Masomi. Her recent project included a renovated mosque and library in Dandaji.

Her designs are inspired by traditional African home plans. But she incorporates modern elements into her work. She works with a network of contractors and investors to help clients build and finance houses. In addition, she has created an entire business around her style.

Among her many projects, she designed the 2017 Serpentine Pavilion in London, which was funded by the African Architects Association. She is also known for her works in Benin.

For her work in South Africa, she was able to incorporate the architectural tradition of the Outeniqua Mountains. Aside from using stone and wood, she used natural materials such as thorn trees for the furniture.

Another African architect who combines old and new in his works is Guy-Noel Gnayoro, who is from the Ivory Coast. His L'Amandier hotel in Morocco is a tiny, intimate accommodation facility. It features rich red earth shades and geometrical lines that evoke the Moroccan style of architecture. He has worked with Michaelis Boyd Associates to redevelop a luxury resort in Mozambique.

Pascal De Souza, a Benin-based architect, also uses African architecture in his designs. He is one of the pioneers of modern African houses. Using a variety of materials, he has created an interconnected design that creates a seamless relationship between the inside and outside of the house. Grass thatched roofs, open facades, and solar power are all common features of his work.

Other projects that showcase the versatility of modern African houses are the Nico van der Meulen house and the Thorn Street house in Cape Town. Both have large, sweeping views of the sea and mountains. They also feature open air bathrooms and bathrooms with sliding glass doors.

Another unique building that uses African architecture is the Chongwe River House in Zambia. The two-storey building is built on a sloping hill. It has four bedrooms and a swimming pool. Featuring an eclectic design, the building also has a wooden deck, sun loungers, and a wooden deck.

Finally, there are the Tamberma houses, which are built in Northern Togo. This UNESCO World Heritage site features a surreal dreamland. Typically, these two-story buildings have straw roofs and designs engraved on the inner and outer walls.

These houses are constructed to European standards but have African designs. Their open-plan interiors are airy, well-ventilated, and allow the wind to pass through.


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