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Minimalist House Exteriors

January 10, 2023

A minimalist house exterior is an architectural approach that strives for simplicity, comfort and attractiveness. It also tries to balance openness and privacy in the house. To achieve this, minimalist designers use strategic techniques. They often incorporate natural and geometric shapes. In addition, they employ strategically selected materials and texture.

Minimalist house exteriors are usually made of wood or stone, sometimes with metal and glass. They feature large windows, clean lines and asymmetrical design, and they often use shades of grey and white. The facade may be built up of blocks or slabs, or it may be covered with a continuous cladding. These methods provide a visual appeal that can also express the physical characteristics of the material.

If the modern minimalist exterior design is done right, it can create a home that is elegant and comfortable. It should also contribute to a healthy indoor environment. By using natural and non-toxic materials, the minimalist style of architecture is also environmentally friendly.

During the minimalist movement, architects focused on geometric forms and simple colors. This was a trend that continued throughout the 20th century. Today, many contemporary architects are inspired by the work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the architect who designed the Bauhaus in 1919. Despite its evocative name, minimalism does not require complex construction, and it is not about getting rid of all of your possessions. Instead, it encourages you to use your interior space efficiently and to enjoy your house in an uncluttered manner.

One of the most common minimalist house designs is a monochromatic one, which features a single shade of a particular color. For example, a house with a white slanting roof and a front door made of natural materials will create an elegant facade. And the same can be said for a building with dark hues, which can contrast with a natural landscape.

Some of the best modern minimalist houses make an effort to blend in with the surrounding landscape. This includes houses in areas like the Spanish city of Barcelona, which has a minimalist, secluded plot. While the interior is a minimalist calming oasis, the outside is a contrasting party wall and garden.

Modern minimalist house exteriors can include large windows, which allow fresh air to flow in. Additionally, they can contain a pond or water feature. In addition, they usually feature asymmetrical design, or they may have lines that are geometrically patterned. Lastly, these designs generally use high-performing elements.

Many minimalist houses have a minimalist garden, which adds an element of freshness to the interior. In addition, the house exterior should contribute to the health and safety of the homeowners. For this reason, it is a good idea to use natural and safe materials in the cladding of the facade.

One of the most notable minimalist exteriors is the Salt Point, New York extension. This project was designed to be a strikingly simple structure. O'Sullivan Skoufoglou completed the renovation and expansion. The original, 1960s structure was redesigned with light colors and a clutter-free style.


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